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General Discussion / Google Earth to GPSMAP 60CSx?
February 11, 2012, 01:22:28 PM
Hi guys.

This has probably been asked before, so forgive me for not reading through all topics/posts and since I'm far from used to use this I kindly ask for help.

Main wish is to create a route in GE and transfer it to my GPSmap 60Scx.

I created a route on GE (beta) by using the ruler. So my route is now created and I can see the red line as the route i GE.

Then I try so save this route as a *.kml file on my laptop.

Then I try to open it through Basecamp 3.2.2 but it says that it doesn't contain groundoverlays.

Then I try to convert the file from *.kml to *.gpx by using GPS Babel but it won't work! I suppose it might have something to do with the format of the input/ output file...? I can't find the *.kml format for the input file only the *.gpx for the output file. I think this I what I only need to figure out so can someone please tell me what input format (from the drop down list)I should use to make it work?