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GPSr Units / Trouble seeing custom maps on Nuvi 2595
« on: May 29, 2012, 04:37:48 PM »
I tried loading my custom maps onto a Nuvi 2595 today and they are shown in the map directory and can be toggled on/off but do not display. I toggled tried with the citynavigator maps toggled on and off to see if it was drawing on top but it didn't help.

I tried installing from mapsource into /Maps and then tried renaming to custom.img. Then saved in the hidden /system folder as gmapsupp.img and renamed to custom.img. I also pulled the micro sd from a different nuvi that my maps were installed on and still it would only show the name.

I downloaded and loaded a transparent topo map from this site and it actually showed up. Any idea what could be happening to keep my maps from showing up? They have worked on every other device I have loaded them to.

I am using a custom typ with my maps and have them loaded into mapsource to install from if that makes any difference.


GPSr Units / Choosing a Nuvi to use with Garmin 24k topo
« on: March 28, 2012, 05:23:55 AM »
I have loaded Garmin 24k Topo to a couple different Nuvi models- 200, 1300, 40LM, and an old Street Pilot c330

Observations- the 24k topo display "cleaner" on the 200 and c330 than the newer 1300 and 40LM.

Things I dislike on newer models- shading, labeling contours, multiple colors of topo lines. I know these features are probably welcomed by most users. For my use these features are clutter and a distraction.

On the older models the topo maps are simply high contrast lines, without labels or shading or anything special. Myself and the other users are very accustomed to topo maps and have 0 problems with displaying only the lines and actually prefer it that way.

Apparently there was a major change in the way the units handle maps between the older units and newer units. I'm planning to purchase some units and want to make sure they are the older technology. I am hoping that someone here knows what the difference is and which models would display similar to the Nuvi 200 and c330.


Map Making Support / Arcmap .shp polygon to GPS
« on: February 08, 2012, 08:55:07 AM »
I have spent the last 2 days attempting this with semi success (thanks to a 2 year old post I found on another forum) and I believe I am close but could use some guidance-

I have multiple ownership layers for very large properties in Arcmap (.shp files) and would like to be able to deploy them to a variety of Garmin GPS units- currently using eTrex Legend HCX, Nuvi 200, Nuvi 1300

I have been using trial versions of software to find a method that works and will gladly purchase necessary software once I know what I need.

I have been able to load the properties with GPSMapEdit, cgpsmapper and SendMap - BUT they show up as solid polygons on my GPS units and I need them to be either an outline or Semi-Transparent so they can co-exist with other features such as roads and topographic lines.

My goals-
1. Load properties onto variety of GPS units  (GMAPSUPP.IMG)
2. Separate color for each property (Garmin types- ie. 0x0017 City Park)
2. Show outline of only of each property OR show entire property as semi-transparent
3. Properties need to co-exist with 24k topographic maps and basemap on GPS (Property GMAPSUPP.IMG in /Garmin on memory card replaces the topo 24k GMAPSUPP.IMG)

Any ideas? Maybe there is a better approach altogether? I am fairly new to this and any help would be appreciated.

On a side note-
A solid polygon probably wouldn't be a problem if I can manipulate the drawing order so that roads and topo lines show up on top of the properties.

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