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General Discussion / Looking for more features, Info
January 28, 2013, 05:59:07 PM
I have an Etrex Vista HcX.  Love it.  I use it primarily for fishing from kayak in coastal estuaries with lots of mangroves and canals.  Under the FIND area and MARINE there is only one item – Tide Stations.

Is there anything like, Solunar, Windtracks, that can be added as feature.  I have searched the internet and have come up blank...
Any help would be appreciated....  Never leave shore without it around my neck.....

General Discussion / Garmin ETrex VistaHCX
January 26, 2013, 11:11:30 AM
Went fishing today and unit would not turn on.  Batteries are good.  Garmin is closed today so couldn't call them.  Need help????
A few months ago I bought a Nuvi 50LM and last week when I went to use it again the screen froze on GARMIN.  It would not go away. I went to the operating manual and found nothing to fix this problem.  I was sure that Heat had destroyed its internal workings since it stays on the windshield 24-7.  Fortunately I went to the website and found support then looked for solution to problem.  Nada. 

I then went to the chat screen and got help.  Solution is found in the FAQs for the item.  It is a lengthy process that I won't go into here but you download 2 files and then follow the directions exactly and when finished the unit is functional with a new operating system that corrects the problem. 

The new version is 1.70. 

I recently purchased a NUVI 50LM for my SUV.  I like the unit but some of the local addresses do not show up even if entered manually.  I have tried different approaches to enter them using street name, road name, US HWY #, and in every case the same.  No such address.  I would like to be able to enter (if possiple) the place where I am since I go there often.  My wife cannot remember addresses and this would be an aid for her.  I think it would be similar to marking a waypoint on my Etrex.   Any help would be appreciated.   ALSO.. Can I add FLTOPO to the NUVI50??

I have an cross-over SUV and the reach to the windsheild is long.  I am looking into putting a gps  into the vehicle and after reading all the sale literature am completely at a loss as to what is best available for the least amount of money and how easy to install, use *so not to be distracted while driving*, TOM TOM seems good but has issues on mounting.  Any suggestions welcomed. 

THanks in advance.
I have asked this question in various ways before and no one seems to understand my question.  I have indulged several knowledgeable users and they didn't have an answer either.  So Here goes;  I have an Etrex Vista HcX and I like it.  When I first got the unit and applied power to it I was instructed to insert my CURRENT LOCATION.  The unit did so automatically.  Next I entered known waypoints into the unit.  I currently have about 40 waypoints.  I fish from an kayak and it is very important that I return to my launch point.  When I launch I MARK my location and set it to TRACK.  (So far so good)   
When I look at the WAYPOINTS screen, at the bottom it tells me how far I am from my current location when I highlight a marked waypoint.  Understand that I am no longer at my current location.  For example I am sitting in my kayak at a friend's dock and the unit tells me I am 3.48 miles from my current location.  Since I am sitting at that dock isn't it my current location?  NO!  It is the location where I first set up the GPS unit.  Can someone please tell me how to change my current location  to where I really am rather than where I was when I set up the unit? 

I like to launch from roadside entry points along canals and estuaries.  They are not boat launches and there are mazes of canals, some dead end, that are traversed while fishing.  I use the tracking method to get back to the launch and that helps but I need to know how far I am from the launch point. I presently have no idea.  I could then work my way back without the long paddle if I knew where it was.
GPSr Units / How do I display Basecamp on Vista HcX
April 22, 2012, 07:50:59 PM
I have a Vista HcX and it has Mapsource on it.  I have BaseCamp but when I try to display it, it continues to show Mapsource on the unit.   I am still learning this unit and this is frustrating. :(
GPSr Units / How do I change locations.
February 05, 2012, 06:18:45 PM
I have an ETREx HcX and love it so far. I use it for kayak fishing and when I launch from a new spot I want to use the GoTO feature to return to the launch spot.  It keeps wanting to send me back to my Home which is where I initialized the GPS..  How do I begin a New Location for my return to place?  I cannot find information in the manual.

I do mark the spot as a waypoint but it tells me I am a number of miles from HOME.. 

I am new at this... 


I just got my new Garmin Etrex Vista HcX... and installed the cd from Garmin.  Trip and Waypoint manager.  I am using a laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.
I downloaded FL TOPO to the pc..  It shows correctly but I cannot put it on the GPS .  It does transfer the waypoints and tracks and routes but not maps.  That square is greyed out.

I am not computer illiterate but the tutorial is confusing to me since the pictures do no reflect what my GPS shows or the Trip and Waypoints manager. 

My second problem is the micro-chip I bought doesn't show on my computer as a place to file to.  It is a 4gig unit too. 

I need some help getting to understand the mechanics of getting FL Topo on this GPS..

Thanks for replies in advance.