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Last thur. or fri. I had made a post regarding: can you use basecamp as a GPS on laptop?

Boyd replied and was very helpful and informative. Well, I log on sun. morning and it's gone, plus I have a "negative" karma attached to my user name.

What is going on? Is there some backroom drama that I'm not aware of?
I'm talking about an overlay that would show surface ownership (BLM, Nat'l Forest, State lands, etc.,), not the PLSS maps that only show township and range.

Anything out there?
For example - on BaseCamp, I have a waypoint named: C - Willwood Canal 

but when I transfer waypoints to my Legend HCx, it's named:  C - Willwood C

From best I can tell, the HCx only will recognized 14 letters (this includes spaces).

Is there a method in which I can set the HCx to accept more letters? I've combed the manual up and down but can't find a way to do this.