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Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Map Source details
« on: November 20, 2008, 04:52:10 AM »
As I learn more about my GPS and the tools available to manage it, I was wondering how I could get more detail to show up on Map Source when reviewing data transfered from my Colorado. It appears that the topo detail in the Colorado is not available on Map Source. I can get other maps to show but unfortunately there isn't another topo available for Michigan here.

Map Making Support / Wyoming land status (Need help quickly)
« on: September 29, 2008, 05:50:32 AM »
I am very impressed with the work done here on this forum. I am new to GPS units, just purchased a Colorado 400t and have a dilemna. I am leaving in a couple days for a hunt in Wyoming. I wanted to use the Colorado to easily see if I am on BLM or Federal land versus private land. The topo loaded does not do that and I am afraid I don't have time to try and create what I need. Can anyone point me to a mapset that I can easily (quickly) download and use for this trip ? Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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