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I'd like to take this attached .gpx file and have an easier way to toggle the entire tracks, waypoint, etc information on/off at one time on my Oregon 450t.  Is this possible? 
I'm running BaseCamp 4.1.1, Oregon 450t software 6.10, a Dell XPS Windows 7 64 bit laptop.  The 24k map shows up on BaseCamp, but when I right click & select Install Map on internal memory, it lets me a highlight a partial section of the southeast 24k map (I only want a part of it installed) and then goes through the install process. I've tried 4-5 times and it always gets stuck at 100% and doesn't advance to let me select "Finish".  The one time it did advance so I could click "Finish", it appeared to have completed the install.  However, when I checked my GPS under Setup>Map>Map Information Select Map, it did not have the 24k map installed.  What am I doing wrong?
I was wondering if anyone had some GPS maps of Mine Made ATV Trails in Knott County, KY?  I did a search in the Custom Maps section, but didn't see anything listed for Mine Made ATV Trails. 
GPSr Units / KML map installed on Oregon 450t?
November 12, 2011, 05:24:26 PM
Hi everyone.  I just joined after purchasing a Oregon 450t for use when riding ATV's.  I'd like to install a .kml file of LBL OHV Park.  I can view the .kml on Google Earth, but can't load it in BaseCamp to transfer it to the GPS.  What do I need to do different?  Thanks!

the file is located here (it won't let me post a direct link) www .lbl .org/ADMIN/