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Map Making Support / Making maps from assembled tracks
« on: March 14, 2012, 08:50:07 PM »
Hey all, first of all, thanks for the great resource.  I use a number of the maps made available here, and hope to able to contribute some day.

I've been working on a project to map out the trails in a local park for a club.  I took a bunch of recorded tracks and cleaned them up in ExpertGPS.  I also traced some trails from satellite imagery.  In the end, I have a GPX file with about 60 different tracks.  I thought this would work out, until I loaded this GPX onto my Oregon and discovered I'd have to enable showing each individual track on the map. 

Is there a solution?  Is using tracks for map data like this a bad idea?  I've downloaded a few of the trail map packages here in GPX format, and man, it's a hassle enabling individual tracks.


GPSr Units / My trails multiple copies on oregon 450
« on: October 27, 2011, 05:52:40 AM »
Hello all-

I've been having good luck with the maps here, with one exception.  When I install some certain maps onto the SD card of my Garmin Oregon, I get multiple entries in the list of installed maps (the one you see when you go into Setup > Map > Select Map).

I use BaseCamp, and have a number of maps installed (IL topo, My Trails, NE USA Topo part 1 and 2, etc.).  I renamed all the .img files on my Oregon card to another extension (so I have no extra maps available).  Then I used BaseCamp to install maps.  I selected the "My Trails-High Quality Trail and POI Maps" and selected all segments and installed them.

I've done this multiple times, and each time I get those multiple entries in the list.  Is this a known issue?  Am I doing something wrong?


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