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Site Support / Hawaii Topo
September 11, 2009, 06:17:05 PM
The Link on the Hawaii Topo page found here does not go anywhere.
It states that it is hosted off site, but the link brings you back to this same page.
Map Making Support / How to make Red Trails
June 23, 2009, 01:13:47 PM
Sup Folks,

I have been making maps and over lays for awhile and have figured out most of the problems with the process so far.  But I have come to one problem I have not been able to figure out. I have not been able to make the trails show up in mapsource and on the GPS (GPSMAP 60CSx) in the heavy or thin Red dotted line like you see in some of the maps out there.  When I select "Trails/Walkway" it only comes up in black.  I even tried using the red 0x002b Marine Hazard as a type, but it still only shows in black as well.
Jbensman has he mentioned here
QuoteOne problem I had with them was trails were sometimes hard to see when there were lots of close topo lines. Someone taught me how to use a new program that allows you to make Garmin display the trails as a thin red line. Now the trails show up extremely well.

Can Jbensman or anyone else tell me what the new program is that he is using to make the trails show up in the red dotted line in Mapsource and on the GPS.  Also is it pretty straight forward to use it.