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Hey guys,

So, I created my first test of my snowmobile trails map the other day (using GPSMapEdit).  The trails map does show the trails real well and I created my first points of interests (POI), marking intersections on the snowmobile trails as parking (since their is no POI called intersection).  The three I created showed up perfectly on the Garmin Nuvi 260 that I have to test with.

I then went out and updated my trails map.  I added several more intersections as points of interest and loaded them in basecamp using MapSetToolKit.  Here is where it gets weird for me.  I updated the map on the GPS and when I check the points of interest, I still only see my original 3.  I have since removed the original map I created, changed it's id number several times and renamed it and no matter what I do, my Nuvi 260 only shows 3 points of interest for this map.  The stranger then yet is I see all of my points of interest when I import the map into Basecamp.  What am I doing wrong?

Hello Everyone,

I am attempting to merge 4 separate maps that I am in the process of creating into a single map.  I originally was attempting to make a custom kml map using google earth and basecamp for use when snowmobiling in Marathon County Wisconsin. That process worked perfectly although, I did not understand you could not make your own routable trails in bootcamp when I made the custom map  :(.  In the process of doing so, I split the county map into 4 smaller jpeg files.

I have since used the tutorial on "gpssledmaps.com" and imported one of the converted .bmp files into OzExplorer, calibrated it.  Saved it as a .map file and am now editing it in GPSMapEdit.  This has all worked out astonishingly well in the last 2 days.

Only issue, how do I merge the 4 separate .mp files I get from GPSMapEdit into one before I make it into a finished map?  I had to split the files earlier into smaller ones due to the raster map image and now I am afraid I am going to be stuck with 4 maps when what I really want is 1 routable transparent map that I can overlay on a Wisconsin Topographical map for snowmobiling?

I also would hate to pay anything at this point since I am so close to actually having workable county snowmobile maps.

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

Site Support / Registration E-mail issues
« on: February 26, 2013, 07:17:41 PM »
Hey guys,

I am not sure who I am suppose to mention this to but, when I went to register yesterday, I tried putting in my hotmail address and I never received the confirmation e-mail. I tried resending it several times and I never received it.  I even tried the forgot password feature and it said I never confirmed my e-mail, after I inserted that same e-mail address.  I checked my spam folders several times and everything.

Forwhatever reason though, when I tried registering today using my gmail account, I received the e-mail instantly. Not sure why but gmail worked where hotmail failed.

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