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thanx oz, so there no way in mapsource/basecamp to view the overlay , bummer that woulda been nice...

K what im tryin to do is plan a route to visit some lakes here in idaho , but when i try to plot-route them on the map, one trail is different on one map verses another map, and some times off by 300 to 600 ft when i load it to the gps?, that was why i wondering about ,adding track on the hike to compare the route vs the track.ive gotta beat bush for about a 1/2 mile to the area i wanted to get too, so no real trail but there are game trails in area that i have used(now wanna add tracks through area to compare to the route) to get near where im trying to go.
In your experience with maps i gotta ask 24k topo right , or am i overloading the image, due to small screen size.still havent figured out how to use the compass for routing , but im working on it.
Will this unit auto route using these maps or only garmin maps will work?

I have tried to get to trailheads from my home to the area , and so far all i get is no roads available for that area, and a blank screen, what did i miss??

Howdy all , newbie to garmin gps, but not to electronics ,anyhow i have read how to load maps onto unit ,  but for some reason i cannot see these maps on mapsource with any overlays(cant combine 2 or 3 maps in mapsource) , is there a way to load maps that i didnt see how to do,IE correct order) or do the maps only overlay when in the unit , not in mapsource? , , what im trying to do is get the nw trail maps to over lay the idaho topo or the nw topo maps in mapsoucre to a: either add waypoints to check progress of a hike or B:check location on the hike using routes,also which is better???
2nd :is it me or do i just have to read more , i have set up tracks to follow my hikes , sometimes they work sometimes they dont. I have a 2gb sd card in it and downloaded , every map i could find for ut, id,mt,wy in the directory for mapsoure but only loaded the areas i needed for se idaho,nw wy, mt area, and  parts of ut into memory, sd memory was only 645 mb used, at this time does waypoint get loaded to sd card or internal memory???same with tracks , i feel like im on the verge of truely being able to feel comfortable with it, then it throws me for a loop.help also FYI this geocaching thing is maddening, but thats another post LOLOLOL

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