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General Discussion / Re: map on memory card
January 01, 2011, 02:05:11 PM
Ok! Boyd,
I'm now wondering where I could get your trails maps is it separate from all the other maps that I've downloaded and can I just download your trails for the areas that I want to go to, I'm mainly looking for Az, Ut, Colo, NM, NV, etc.
another question say I downloaded three states and now would like to download (say) Colo, can I d this without having to download all the others once more? I'm guess the answer is no but have to ask,
and thanks for your info on the maps and routes that's helpful to me.
General Discussion / Re: map on memory card
January 01, 2011, 11:41:41 AM
Understanding the fact that you can only use one map from the GPSfiles at a time and that if you build the map from different maps was a great help. Knowing that when you go to load a new one that it will over write the old one now makes sense to me now.

How if I make more way points in the gps they will be within the maps that I now have on my gps is that right? I'm starting to get a little of this, its fun to mess around with these sets that you all have provided, I hope to get to the point that I can help another find answers to there thoughts also some day.

Take care,
Happy New Year
General Discussion / Re: map on memory card
January 01, 2011, 10:19:42 AM
Good topic for me. I have downloaded many of the free files (southwest, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico) I uploaded the southwest it came out at all most a gig I already had about 17 mb on (I think).

So if I understand this topic's reply, if I upload another bunch of maps the ones that I already uploaded will be over written is that right?

So where does the rest of the almost 1.5 gig's go? I also don't understand and the difference between gdb and img? I kind of get it the garmin data base (gdb) and the image, but which one does the garmin unit want to use. Nor do I understand this 20101231.gpx these show up in my sd card.

Why can't I find the Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico in a drop down box of some sort on the gps unit, then the problem would be fixed? I can go to the way points and get a map but it's devote of the detail that was there when I made the way points.
Well, as always still confused
Quote from: maps4gps on December 29, 2010, 05:00:48 PM
I would not think you could paste an image into MapSource as the image would not have any meaning without being georeferenced and there would be no reason for Garmin to have a program to do so.

I didn't copy and paste to mapsource, I made two different jpeg images and then in PS I went about changing the opacity of one of the images and then over laid them onto each other then converged them together. wala I have a copy of what I want for now.
Thanks hero member :)  maps4gps
I guess that I'm barking up a tree that I can't climb yet, so I have tried to copy the route as best I can with my eye on both of the images the Jpeg and the mapsource image I got close but have the coordinates but can't figure out how to get mapsource to understand my entries .. I try to copy, paste but doesn't work for me....
Quote from: maps4gps on December 29, 2010, 03:26:15 PM

I have not heard of anyone taking a map in word .doc format and converting it to Garmin's format.
You would likely need to convert it to something an editing program could read, do some editing in a map editing program, than output it as a file that could be compiled to Garmin's .img format.

I have photo shop and have converted it to a jpeg and don't know how to do it that way, if you have any idea on how to do it I would love to hear about it and also can you overlay a jpeg on top of the mapsource program.
I know I'm really hunting for a unknown but would love to have this on my mapsource program....
Lynn :)
I already have done the download of mapsource and I don't know if I would need the basecamp download, why would I need this? I'm a gadget person so having it would be me, but do I need it with the 60csx or is the mapsource good enough?

I must not know what route able means in gps terms I just want to like put tracks on a map ahead of time so that when I get to the place I want to go that i already have an idea on where to go. Can this be done, like tracks ahead of time. I have had the City Nav before and could put in where I want to go and it would help me get there is that what routing means?

I have a word doc. of a map that I would like to make make go into my gps could anyone help me with it?

I've had a garmin 60csx once before and had the 2008 topo usa 100k and the city navigator also, Had to sell this because of braking my back. Now I'm healthy I just brought another one this time I don't have the cash to (right now) buy these maps... If I use your maps that you have here are they the same as the ones that you buy?.... can you put routes and tracking on them? Are they 24k ones, and do they have the capability of city routing?
Thanks for any replies ahead of time