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I just ran the program on a card and came up with this:

E-disk (E:\)
11.41 GiB free of 14.83 GiB
There is 1 map available in 1 file, total 3.42 GiB
Number of map segments: 1059

This is just a "naked" card, not inside my GPS device.
Looks like an 8 GiB card would have nearly 3K segments if all the same size (maybe not huh?)  Add what's on the GPS and a card of say, 16GiB plus the GPS probably would not work.

When I plug the GPS with a Quebec mapset installed on the sc card I get the following:
3.67 GiB free of 7.24 GiB
There are 2 maps available in 3 files, total 3.18 GiB
Number of map segments: 553

G-disk (G:\) in GPSMAP 64st
18.97 GiB free of 28.96 GiB
There are 5 maps available in 5 files, total 9.99 GiB
Number of map segments: 2003

Pretty close to the 3k limit!

I will have to experiment with other cards and map sets.  Btw, this is great!  I really appreciate the help.  I'm on my way to becoming a Power User!
So, no sense buying sd cards with gtreater than 8 Gig of capacity.
First post.  I'm new to GPS file depot but have used Basecamp and Garmin products for years.
I have a couple of micro SD cards that I swap in and out of my GPS  (64st).  One has all of Quebec, the other the NE USA at 24k.  For all I know I could put both sets on a single card but that's how I have set it up and it works.  Being insecure about my skills, prefer not to change anything.

Now for my Q's.  I plan on driving and hiking around WY and CO Aug-Oct.  I want 2 map sets for each state.  One for hiking and another for my Drivesmart car gps.  I planned on using 4 cards one for each map set.  Make sense?

My next Q is in getting the maps from the internet into Basecamp and then into my SD cards and finally to read the maps on my devices.  I've (quickly I admit) read the tutorials but I want to make sure I have the correct sequence before I start.  So, here is how I think it will go....:

  • D-load file from GPS file depot.
    Double-click to install on my PC (it knows into which folder to install the maps I hope cuz I have no clue).
    Open Basecamp and open the map from the "maps" dropdown list.
    Plug in a micro SD card.  What's best, have the card in my device or plugged in directly to the PC's port?
    Click "send to device" and choose the entire state and let it transfer over.
    View in device to make sure it all worked.
Sorry if this is basic but my level of expertise is pretty low.