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GPSr Units / Garmin Zumo XT Truck Wiring
March 17, 2023, 06:00:08 AM
After reading many articles here, I'm considering a Zumo XT to use for both my MC and truck. As for the truck, I would want to use another Garmin MC XT mount & cable with a RAM suction mount. This would be better than their car mount saving me from flexing the XT rubber power adapter cover all the time for plugging in. Plus, I wouldn't be using the internal port on the XT. With that being said, I don't want to use a 12v cigarette type socket for power. Anybody here have any idea's and/or have some type of other option? Hard wiring wouldn't be out of the question but, I would want a clean install. Your input would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Ray
Quote from: Boyd on March 20, 2022, 04:30:26 AM
I wonder if it's an issue with the amount of power that the USB port provides? IIRC, there have been general USB issues related to that with some of the M1 Macs. You might try using a powered USB hub and see if that makes a difference.

SOLVED!! Thank You Boyd!
My son-in-law gave me the following Dynex USB 2.0 hub along with the power adapter. This along with a USB-C to Mini-B Belkin cord and the oem Garmin cord did the trick. I did tests with the power adapter with and without it which worked either way. I'll probably just use the power from the MacBook Pro M1 making it one less cord to plug in.
This particular hub has been discontinued but, there are a few of these on eBay. I would say any 2.0 hub will do the trick just as long as it has 480Mbps for data.
I'm extremely happy with this getting me up and going but, I still feel the same about Garmin. They really need to get their act together and catch up with today's technology when it comes to Mac's. Even the newer units for example; Zumo XT and GarminDrive units are giving people fits as well.
Although not on that list, my 595LM is and has been checked on MTP Auto Detect sine day one. I did try the others with all three not being recognized during tests "without" this old 2.0 USB hub.
Anyway, I whined enough about Garmin.......
I'd like to add, I couldn't upload my pic's along with a couple links for some reason
Once again, Thanks for your help, I sincerely appreciate it. Hopefully, this thread will help others that found themselves in the same jam as I was.
Thanks for the help.... I don't have a powered USB hub. It's no question that it's a software issue which is more than likely Garmin. This is a huge problem as seen below; Thanks again.

Hi, I've had my Zumo 595LM since it came out and been using Garmin Express & Basecamp. Now, neither one is recognized on my new Apple MacBook Pro M1 Max OS Monterey.
I'm up to date in Monterey version 12.3, Garmin Express version and Basecamp version 4.8.12 (4.8.12) The 595LM has software version 4.60
When plugged into any of my MacBook Pro USB-C ports, the 595LM only turns on and charges. Everything worked on my late 2016 MacBook Pro for over 5 years. Yes, I'm using the same oem Garmin cable and have tried many others.
Since it doesn't show as a volume, I checked my Security & Privacy Settings in System Preferences and all items for Garmin we're checked. In addition, I re-downloaded Garmin Express. During the installation steps under License it showed a 403 Forbidden error for English. Never saw that before. English is my choice of language.
I tried everything mentioned in the following 2 links; Nothing helped. Any help would be sincerely appreciated. I'd like to add, I'm sure it's Garmin's software...... especially due to others having this same issue. I'm just hoping that someone here has found some type of workaround. Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thank You. Ray