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General Discussion / Re: Create LIDAR overlay
October 16, 2019, 02:41:05 PM
Not sure what happened, but when i was trying to transfer the map is just wouldnt take. i tried dumping it into the custom map folder, it was the right size, all that stuff. just turned on my GPS unit and its there even though it wouldnt acknowledge the transfer before.

I think for now, i have a method that works for me but may need to take up the offer to see your method, MojaveMan. Thanks again everyone!
General Discussion / Re: Create LIDAR overlay
October 16, 2019, 08:11:38 AM
Just catching up and a lot of great discussion, thank you. I dont think I cant respond to all of it but I certainly read all of it and appreciate the input.

I am interested in a custom map with fairly high resolution (able to detect features around 1-3 meters in size). The size of the map would cover maybe a square mile (or a few smaller ones) and the most important feature is the ability to view the map on my handheld GPS. Currently, I use LiDAR to pick points of interest and grab the GPS location of that feature and log it into excel. I then load that spreadsheet into a google map then save that file as a KML that then gets transferred to my device. When I am in the field, I am able to locate the POI just fine, but then have hard copy print outs of the LiDAR for reference...its not all that great bouncing between GPS topo lines and hardcopy LiDAR print outs.

As a response to the first reply in the thread, I was able to play around with google earth pro enough to do a decent overlay. It took a few trys but I was able to line up almost all features with my pins, however, I cannot transfer the overlay to my device.
General Discussion / Re: Create LIDAR overlay
October 15, 2019, 08:27:04 AM
Boyd and MojaveMan - I appreciate you both taking the time to reply. Ive read up on most things you've published, Boyd, and its quite impressive. I dont know that my project is worth that much effort but you've created something stellar no doubt!

MojaveMan - attached is a sample of what I have achieved so far by following the instructions linked above. Its not as precise as I would like nor am I able to actually transfer it to the GPS unit. What you attached looks very similar to what I am trying to do, but I believe I am trying to add the DTM (terrain, bare earth).
General Discussion / Re: Create LIDAR overlay
October 14, 2019, 04:25:16 PM
As with most things Garmin, the instructions are not all that clear. It almost sounds like the custom map is generated in google earth, is that correct? And what Garmin software are they referring to, is it Basecamp?
General Discussion / Create LIDAR overlay
October 14, 2019, 03:06:33 PM
I have a garmin GPS 66st. I would like to use LIDAR data that is available to create an overlay to send to my GPS unit. I would use this similar to the birdseye view overlays. I've searched all over but cant find anything other than on open topography but the walk-through instructions are only for data sets that they have. I found other data i would like to use. thank you so much!