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I'm new to all this so please be gentle. I plan to ride my motorbike on the dirt trails round northern Spain in a few weeks. I have successfully imported OSM maps for the region, all good.

I want to import a highly detailed map of Catalonia but am struggling. I have read various articles and forum threads and ideally want to hear from someone who has successfully done something similar.

There are some beautifully detailed Catalonia maps available from You can define your region to download, and they limit you to about 15,000 x 15,000 pixels per download. So more than what I think might be a Garmin imposed limit of 10,000 x 10,000?

I put this thru Google Earth, lined it up and created a kmz. I can put that in Basecamp and see it on BaseCamp map - but when I load it on the Garmin (Monterra) I cant see it. It goes on SD card in the folder called User Data.

So I thought I would convert .kmz to .img. Looked at various threads and options but trial versions of the converters wont handle files so large, and if they did there seems to be a Garmin 100 x (1000 x 1000) tile limits.

G Raster looks like it might be an option, cGPSmapper was recommended but I'm buggered if I can use it and Mapwel is in the mix too.

But I thought I'd ask first. Surely this is a common thing for advanced Garmin users?

All tips appreciated ;-) Mike