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General Discussion / Re: Garmin 60Cx - Can't see secondary roads
« on: August 13, 2018, 11:17:54 AM »
What version of Basecamp/MapInstall are you using? There was an update in May that broke MapInstall, and it won't send GPSFileDepot maps to your GPS anymore. It appears to work, but the map will have no detail, as you describe. Easiest fix is to just use Mapsource.

See this thread: https://forums.gpsfiledepot.com/index.php?topic=4539.0
Looks like I have v 4.7.0.

I used Mapsource and have all the detail...Thank you so much!  I've been beating my head on the desk trying to figure this out.

Just got back from a trip and realized I didn't have the detail when we encountered a closed road and needed to reroute.

General Discussion / Garmin 60Cx - Can't see secondary roads
« on: August 13, 2018, 10:01:40 AM »
I have a Garmin GPS 60Cx.  I've downloaded some maps from GPSFileDepot and in BaseCamp I can see all roads, including secondary roads.  However, when I upload the map to my 60Cx I can only see major roads (US/State routes and interstates).

I'm at a loss as to why I can't see all the roads on the device.  Any thoughts on how to get the roads to display?

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