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Map Making Support / Re: MapInstall - Unable to Select Tiles
« on: April 19, 2018, 01:43:24 PM »
Windows 7, not XP.  I also grew up old school using command lines, punch tape, punch cards and program output only able to be sent to printers.

You ever work with a GE-4020?  They had a whole 8k of ram and were about the size of a chest freezer.

www <dot> computerhistory <dot> org /collections/catalog/102640390

Map Making Support / Re: MapInstall - Unable to Select Tiles
« on: April 19, 2018, 11:35:07 AM »
I think this is SOLVED, thanks in a large part to the willingness of Boyd to execute a .exe file from an unknown person, spend some time playing with the contents and letting me know that a fresh compile worked on his computer.


MapsetToolKit v1.77 created the TestMap.mp file using a map tile number of "7" for both sample tiles, rather than the tile numbers 38104001 and 38104002.


Don't us a directory structure pointing to the .img files that contains a back slash ("\") followed by a number (might work) and definitely not a number and a period (".").  My directory structure to the .img files was:

   "G:\Garmin Maps\Test 1\7.0 Final Files\2.0 IMG Files

...oops, I think I know where the 7 was found.  When I used a second computer and a directory for the .img files without the numbers I was able to get a working map selection.


Use a substituted drive for the directory path.  When I used the DOS command:

   "subst r: "G:\Garmin Maps\Test 1\7.0 Final Files\2.0 IMG Files"

and used drive "R:" as the source of the image files for MapsetToolkit, it also worked.


MapsetToolkit did not have a problem with numbers in the path for copying the .img files or for the Mapset directory.  I suspect that these are used in what is equivalent to direct DOS commands without any modification to the text.

My guess is that when the <selectible map image>.mp (i.e. my TestMap.mp) was created as a text file, the tile numbers were found by parsing the individual .img files.  The parsing was probably done left-to-right, looking for a backslash, followed by a number.  A right-to-left parsing, throwing out the ".img" and backing up to the backslash, would probably have worked for my situations.

Map Making Support / Re: MapInstall - Unable to Select Tiles
« on: April 18, 2018, 04:56:35 PM »
Thank you for the quick reply.

I tried MapsetToolkit again, setting the draw priority to 20, no to "Transparent" and checking the boxes for "Install in Mapsource" and "Blank overview map" (same as you).

Unfortunately, I get the same result - cannot select the tiles.

However, you seem to have confirmed that the problem lies in my copies of MapsetToolkit BaseCamp, or something specific to my PC, not what I am doing creating the individual tiles.  I think I will try fresh program downloads on a different computer tomorrow...

Map Making Support / MapInstall - Unable to Select Tiles
« on: April 18, 2018, 04:04:25 PM »
In the past when I worked with maps I was able to create .mp tiles, convert them to .img, compile them with MapsetToolkit, install them on my computer and use BaseCamp / MapInstall to select tiles to upload to my GPS (GPSmap 60CSx).

I must be doing something dumb now because I cannot get the MapInstall selection to work on a new map (verified on a second computer).  Selection and upload works on an old map and on maps freshly downloaded and installed from gpsfiledepot.  What I have done for this post is to create two very simple map segments to try to reduce the problem to very simple diagnostics (simple, but apparently beyond me).

I am hoping that someone with curiosity and time will look at what I have done (see the explanation in the attachments) and give me some pointers that might help.

I have tried many things (such as looking at levels, draw priorities, etc.) as well as numerous internet searches with out success.

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