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Quote from: Boyd on April 16, 2018, 01:13:13 PM
What software is giving you this error message? MapInstall? In Mapsource (Garmin's older software) a similar message often results when the mapmaker makes some changes but doesn't properly update the whole mapset. If that's the problem, it would be difficult for you to fix iyourself.

But are you sure that you are actually trying to send the map to the card and not to the GPS internal memory?

To transfer waypoints, connect your Dakota and open Basecamp. Make a new list and drag all the waypoints to it. Then connect your eTrex and drag the contents of the list to it.

Alternately, use Mapsource and Transfer > Receive from Device with the Dakota connected. Then connect the eTrex and use Transfer > Send to Device.

I am using mapinstall when I get the error that the 10mb file won't fit on the 14.6GB of space I have left.

I don't have the GPS with me, just the card inserted in the computer, so I know it isn't trying to send it to the GPS.
I think I figured it out, but now I have a new problem.

I am trying to install MY POI map onto my SD card, it says it is only 10mb, and my card is 16GB.  It says to select fewer maps and try again.  What could the problem be there?

I also still need to know how to transfer waypoints from my Dakota to my Touch 25 please.
It has been several years since I downloaded maps for my Garmin Dakota 20.  I have forgotten the process of getting maps onto my GPS Unit.

All the files I downloaded are in a .exe format.  What do I do with them after I download them?

I open up basecamp, and when mapinstall opens, it says there are no unlocked maps on this device.

I am missing a simple step, I'm sure of it, but what is that step?

Can I install the maps to a SD card prior to installing it in the GPS?

And how do I get all my saved waypoints from my Garmin Dakota to my Touch 25?
Quote from: Boyd on April 16, 2018, 08:56:56 AM
Let me try again. The maps at GPSFileDepot are made by many different people. Some of them are beginners whose goal is simply to say "hey look everybody - I made a topo map", others are  advanced mapmakers that include details based on their personal knowledge. There are no standards as to what a "topo map" consists of, it's up to the author to choose what to include. I have over 40,000 downloads of my own maps here, and can tell you they are very different from others maps at GPSFileDepot.

But since you want a simplistic answer, use the maps from GPSFileDepot. That way you will have a choice of maps from many different mapmakers, many of which are personally familiar with the area being mapped.

I understand all that. 

But take for example, Kentucky.  There are only 3 choices on GPSfiledepot for KY.  A Free TOPO map, a paid topo map, and a wilderness map.

So let me try this again.

What is the difference in the GPSfiledepot KY Topo map, and the KY map that would be on the USA OSM topo map?  Or do you even know?

I would like to know which one would suit my needs better.  Again, I'm using it for Hiking/Backpacking, so I'm needing good TOPO maps and Hiking trails on the maps.
Quote from: Boyd on April 16, 2018, 08:06:48 AM
I believe the maps you are talking about are made by popej, who is also the author of gmaptool and probably knows more about Garmin's map format than anyone else here. He may respond, or you could send him a PM if you have questions:;u=20277

OTOH, popej lives in the EU so his maps are probably a compilation of data from other sources, as opposed to his own personal familiarity with the US. But I don't see how anyone can really answer your question since "which one should I use" is a very personal question - it's like asking "I want some ice cream, which should I choose - chocolate or strawberry"?  ;)

Furthermore, you can't group everything here under the heading of "the maps on this site". They are made by many different people and can vary considerably. GPSFileDepot is just an online archive of maps. It's like asking whether the books in the library are better than the ones at the bookstore.

Since the maps are free, why not just download everything of interest and decide what you like for yourself?

Sorry my question was so "personal"....

I stated I mainly use my GPS for hiking, so good TOPO maps are my main concern.

The maps I am looking at on GPSfiledepot are the topo maps.  Sorry if that wasn't clear enough for you to give an answer to.

I'm looking for what would be the difference in TOPO mapping, between the two maps on the two sites I mentioned.

I'm looking for TOPO maps and Hiking trails.  Which of the maps from the two sites would be better for this specific mapping? 
I just bought a Garmin Etrex touch 25 unit. I also came to this site and downloaded some maps for my Dakota 20 when I bought it.

I have been searching for maps to put on my new Touch 25, and I came to GPS File Depot, but I also found a site called GMapTool that has maps of the entire USA.

What are the differences between the maps on the two different sites, and which one should I use?

I am mainly a hiker/backpacker, so good topo maps are a must.