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Boyd, I got it all figured out. I was working off the wrong walk-though somehow. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!!

I dont see the map in Basecamp or MapInstaller. I moved the folder containing all those files into the maps folder for BaseCamp, but when I open BaseCamp I dont see the map. Ultimatly I want this map on my etrex, but so far I have not been able to get this map on anything

Okay I know other people have had this issue, but I can't figure out how to resolve for my situation. I have Windows 10 and the latest version of BaseCamp. I downloaded WAtopo2011 from this site and am trying to get it on my Garmin etrex 20x. the map folder is in...Garmin>BaseCamp>Maps>Watopo2011. In the map folder are .IMG, .TYP, and .TDB files. I went through a wizard download install so I don't the other protocol applies (with the mapsettoolkit).

When I open BaseCamp I can see my unit on the sidebar (it is registered and updated). when I go to MapInstall my etrex 20x is listed but I get the "No unlocked maps were found for this device." error. I am dying here plz help!!

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