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Boyd, Thank for replying the message. I was playing with it then I think I solved the problem. IN order to use geocaching, I change profile to Geocaching. After select geocaching, apparently switch to geocaching program. Now i was able to search caching. I haven't been out yet but do intend today afternoon or tmw. Thanks!
General Discussion / Hello I am new - need help
May 14, 2016, 12:09:06 PM
I have Garmin Oregon 600 handheld. I am learning use to use it. Today I downloaded five Cache from Geocaching web site. Here is what I did - I clicked where we want go find cache. Then next step press GO. Then it came up Route Calculation error: Maps do not have routable roads in this area? I am frustrating and trying to figure it out. Help someone will chime in to solve my problem. Thanks!