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Thanks, Boyd! Your feedback will be very helpful. Cheers.
Patrick17th, thank you, as you saved me from starting a new thread because like you, I'm new to this and like you, I was wondering which maps would be good for the state of Utah. Boyd, great feedback. Thank you as well. I'm actually ordering the etrex 35 specifically for use during an upcoming trip to Moab, Utah, where I plan on spending time within the national parks both on foot and off road in a Jeep. By the sounds of it, the Garmin 24k topo Colorodo/Utah map may suit my needs. And I'll apologize in advance, Boyd, if you have answered this question many times...but with the Garmin 24k map I would assume since it is routable that I can plug in way points to say, find my way back during an extended hike. My question would be if when you say that most of the maps on this site are not routable, do you also mean that one would not be able to mark way points on these particular maps? I plan on doing some late night photography on some off the beaten path places and I just want to be able to basically retrace my path back. I'm wondering if these non routable maps would allow me to do that. If so, then I may just forgo purchasing the Garmin 24k Colorado/Utah topo.