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Okey dokey.  Not the end of the world.  What I did notice was I got the two to work(didn't do anything different) whereas all that is visible is some shading from the garmin topo and red trail markers from MyTrails.
Something ain't jiving.  Thanks anyway.
Oh that makes me feel good. It works with OMS so i know it can work. Why yours and not mine? Someone?
Well if enabled means that I turned it on in configue maps- yes i did. And i zoom all the way. It works alone and with OMS. I downloaded garmin 24ktopos and it didn't work with that either. Topos100k is a low priority so im stumped.
Has it worked for anybody here with garmin topos. The author quoted it works with citynav i assumed it would with their topos.
I'm new to this, and downloaded MY Trails thinking it should overlay other topos.  My Oregon 650t has Garmin topos100k and the MY Trails isn't overlaying when I turn them both on.  Every post I read suggests MYTrails is transparent, but I guess the question is does it work with topos100K? It appears not, I'm asking since maybe I'm doing something wrong.
Anybody? Thanks.