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Hi popej,

Thank you for your continuous support.
As I mention in my previous post, I already tried to run the mapsettoolkit with admin right but the problem still exist.
Hi All,

I have a custom map that I'm using in our area that works fine in my garmin device.

Recently, I replace my computer with a new one since my old computer is getting super slow.

With my new computer, I install again my GPSMapEdit Shareware Version & cGPSmapper Commercial Routable Version.

Everything looks fine until when I open MapsetToolKit.  When I tried to install my map, I got an error message "Cannot insert a Mapset in Mapsource". 

I tried to restart my computer, double check my REG file but I can't see any different with my previous process where my maps was installed perfectly on my GPS device.  I even tried to run mapsettoolkit with admin rights but error message "cannot insert a Mapset in Mapsource" keep poping up and no maps was installed and no maps can be seen in mapsource/basecamp.

pls help
Hi all,

What happen is when I use external SD card reader (attached to USB), in some way, my SD Card cant be read by BaseCamp even Mapsource.
My problem was solved by using built-in SD card reader with Mapsource (not basecamp) to transfer map to SD card.
Hi popej,

Thank you for quick response.  I have read cGPSmapper manual - chapter 7.5 & 7.6. 
Im sorry but I really do not know how to create the *.UNL file.  Also, for IMG file, the only process that I know to create IMG file  that all functionality works on Garmin is by installing map using MapsettoolKit, then connect the GPS Device on my computer & run BaseCamp/Mapsource, then load the map to the device. 
Other than that, when I tried other method to create IMG file with find functionality & routing but no luck.
Hi all,

I would like to know if it's possible to send my locked map thru email.

I know the GPS ID of the device and I were able to create unlocked key (25 digit number) but I can't upload the map using BaseCamp/MapSource since GPS Device is not connected to the computer.

Also, could someone help me to load locked map to SD Card.  I know my SD Card Serial Number but I cant create UNL file which I dont know how & what to do with this file & how to load the map in SD Card.

Many thanks,
Hi popej,

I found out whats causing the problem.  In PV.txt, I forgot to switch the LOCK=Y.

Now, everything works good.

Another thing, do you have any idea what device or software (like SDLock Tool) or anything that I need in order to generate key for SD Card and how to install it not on GPS but to SD Card?
Map Making Support / Installing Locked Map - Garmin
July 01, 2015, 09:25:31 PM
Hello all,

I have an MP files.  At first, I compile it using cGPSmapper (Routable Commercial Version with locking) and in my header I put option Lock=N. 
I successfully compile it, able to create mapset & successfully installed it on my Garmin Device.  All functionality is working: Routing, Find Address, POI, Map preview, etc.  I even able to try using it while driving and everything works fine.

Now, I switch the option Lock=Y.  Run the cGPSmapperKey to generate unlock key code. I compile it, create mapset & install it on my garmin device.

When I tried to do the same process as Lock=N (the only different is I have to include gmt.exe in MapSetToolKit - required then add key in basecamp ). I got an error message "Map data is not available"

Then I tried to install the Map using sendMap but gmapsupp.img cant find by my GPS device.

Hi popej,

Thank you so much.  My maps works now on my GPS Device!

Now, I have to work on locking.
Hi popej,

I made a couple of changes in my pv.txt & I added [END-MAP] on my code.

Kindly see attached MSWord file since I tried to run/compile my MP file in two different process.

Please let me know which process is the correct process & please help me to solve my problem in Cpreview error.

I hope for your continuous help & support.

Hi zhrd,

Thanks zhrd!

FYI.... this is my header looks like:

Name=Guam Map

So my POIindex=Y.... that's why on my Garmin Nuvi40 device, when I clicked on "Where To?" then "Point of Interest" then when I clicked on transit, fuel, shopping, etc., it shows me the list of POI and when I clicked on it, it gives me the route correctly.  Meaning, I dont have any problem with the routing.

My problem is when I clicked on "Where To?" then  "Address" on my Garmin device, the error message "Map data is not available" pops up.

This is a just a guess, but I think the cause of my problem is in the "pv.txt" that I made (see prior post for additional info).  Cause when I run it (cmd: cpreview pv.txt), the [name]_MDR.img was not created.

Anyone have any idea if my guess is correct?  How to fix it? How to use (compile/install) the [name]_mdr.img file. So that my problem about "Map data is not available" will be fix.



Im still trying to figure out how to solve my problem about "Map data is not available"

In addition to what I did on my previous post, I tried to make a "PV.txt" to create indexes for global search.

The code is as follow:



After I run the cpreview (cmd: cpreview pv.txt) some files were created:

According to the cgpsmapper manual, there are version of the program that able to generate global indexes:

Unfortunately, there is no [name]_MDR.IMG

Do you have any idea how to create this file, how important it is and should I use the created files? Is this the reason why I'm having an error message "Map data is not available" on my Garmin Device?


Hi popej,

This is the scenario, we have an old MP file together with its old IMG file in our office (on old employee created it).  The same old IMG file is also uploaded on a Garmin device.  That old IMG file on our garmin device work perfectly - find address, POI, routing, etc.

Now, we modify some of the POI from that old MP file and compile it.  But like I said, I got an error message "Map data is not available".  Though, like I said, I could see the Map on View Map, the POI have no problem and if you select one of the POI, the device give you the direction (routing).

Then, I tried to compile the old MP file (no modification was made) but still an error pops up.

I even tried to use the old IMG file on the garmin device that was working & save as polish format (MP file) but the error still there.

So I guess (not sure though) that the original MP source have no problem especially the converted IMG file from garmin device that works but need some adjustment.

The reason why we cant use the old IMG file that was installed on our Garmin Device is we need to add & modify some of the POI since there are many building that was constructed in our area.

I hope for your continuous support & I'm hopping that I could get solution.

Thank you so much.  I truly appreciate your effort.
Im not sure if this info will help to figure out what is the cause of the problem but I added coz it might be a good additional info

the that was created when you open it in notepad is like this:
  [IMG ID]

and the file_name.reg that was created is like this:


Note: all my files created are under c:\myMaps

I tried to use MapSetToolKit also to install the map in BaseCamp and additional files was created:

Registry file that was created like this:



and looks like this:
  [IMG ID]
  Name=Preview Map

  Data0=(13.1747746,145.0460529),(13.1747746,144.5077229),  (13.7131047,144.5077229),(13.7131047,145.0460529)

  Label=GMapTool Preview

I were able install the map in BaseCamp and upload in to my device but the error "Map data is not available" is still there.

Again, thank you for any help that I could get.

Hi popej

Im using the Routable cgpsmapper version 0100d for windows with locking (commercial version).

If I can't use GMapTool to create search index, could you please let me know what other software/apps could I use to create address search index?

Thank you so much for your help.
Hi Popej,

Thank you for your quick response.

I followed the instruction that you give and this is what I've done.

1.  I used cpreview program (using cmd: cpreview and I were able to get the following files:
a. file_name.MDX
c. file_name.reg
d. file_name.TDB

2. I compile my using cgpsmapper (cmd: cgpsmapper and I were able to create gmapsupp.img

3. I create mapset for BaseCamp using your GMapTool (cmd: gmt -S -f 1684,1 "GuamMap2015" gmapsupp.img) and I were able to get the following files:
a. mapset.img
b. mapset.mdx
d. mapset.tdb
e. 19830710.img
f. install.bat
g. uninstall.bat

4. I install mapset on PC using the "install.bat" and it was installed perfectly

5. I open the Garmin BaseCamp and the GuamMap2015 was found

6. Using Garmin BaseCamp, I install the map on my Garmin Nuvi40.  Again it was installed on my device perfectly.

Here's the problem, when I turn on my Garmin Device and tried to navigate it, I could see the Map (in "View Map) and I can even see the POI (transit, fuel, etc.) BUT when I tried to click on "Where To" then "Address", I got an error "Map data is not available".

Am I missing something?

Please help