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General Discussion / mm-plss
August 26, 2020, 07:06:56 PM
I'm using the mm-plss overlay showing sections. However, the section numbers are not displaying. What am I doing wrong. The unit is a 78s. I am using several different topo maps as the base map.
GPSr Units / Topic split: New GPS unit Forestry use
December 19, 2010, 08:25:49 AM
I am transferring data from third party software, using the usb to mini usb cable. Like Terrain Navigator, for example. I did try the serial port to connect to my computer and this does work to show a location on my third party software. I have not, however, been able to transfer track information to the gps using this cable. I have tried several different combinations with no luck. This is not as big an issue as the saved third party tracks not showing up in the main map window without having to go to a sepatate track page to call it up. I'm probably going to go back to the 76csx as the unit of choice for my particular work, Forestry Consulting. I foolishly gave away my old 76's before I had time to completely evaluate the 78 and the 62. For more accurate work, I use a Magellan Mobilemapper 6, running windows mobile 6. You can use regular USGS topographic quads on it, using Memory-Map, I have about 50 quads on it,  and numerous third party software programs. It's all in what you get used to using. I have had all of the 76 series units, and like the way they function. I do like the fact that the 78 and 62 are very fast. They are a little slow with the converted USGS topos and you can not put but a few on the unit.
GPSr Units / Topic split: New GPS unit Forestry use
December 18, 2010, 07:58:13 PM
actually using my 78s at this time. One of my employees has my 62s. they both have 2.80 software.
I updated both of them myself. But, I did not notice that the spanner mode was added to the 62s, I use the 78s most of the time because it was similar to my 76csx and floats. The 78s does not have the spanner mode. It was only added to the 62s. I thought they were basically the same unit with just different buttons arrangements.
GPSr Units / Topic split: New GPS unit Forestry use
December 18, 2010, 07:33:24 PM
There is no spanner shown. Only none, garmin serial, NMEA in/out, text out, RTCM. No matter what is selected, it goes to mass storage device mode as soon as it is connected to the computer.
GPSr Units / Topic split: New GPS unit Forestry use
December 18, 2010, 05:18:52 PM
What is and how do you put the unit in spanner mode? When I connect mine to the computer the buttons are inoperable. It goes into  "mass storage device" mode.
As for maps, I have custom maps installed on my 62s. I have topographic quads from Terrain Navigator loaded after converting. But the result is the same. Downloaded named tracks (which are drawn in Terrain Navigator as a 40 acre tract, for example, and transferred to the gps) do not show up in the main map screen. They only show up in the track page. We as foresters, draw our tracts in Terrain Navigator using their mapping tools, paying attention to the length of lines and the compass headings, 0, 90, 180, 270. Then we convert them to tracks and download them to a gps. We then go to the area of the properties and when we are in the vicinity, it shows up in the main map screen. Not so on the 62s. I have spoken to Garmin's engineers  about this and their feeling is that we as foresters are too small a group to change the way the instrument works. My question to them is why did all of the previous versions do it? I have had an etrex vista, a 76, a 76c, and 2 76csx's and they all worked in this manner. Somehow someone decided to change the 62s. If I had known this, I would not have purchased.
GPSr Units / Topic split: New GPS unit Forestry use
December 18, 2010, 03:24:29 PM
I replaced my 76CSX with the 62s. Big mistake! I particurlarly do not like the fact that downloaded tracts do not appear in the main window. I am a Forestry Consultant and have always used my Garmins to locate property. I download the tracts using Terrain Navigator, and drive to the general area, and there it is. With the 62s, you have to pull up the tract from the track window and then the location indicator does not follow you on the map. you must scroll the map to keep the location indicator on the screen. I also miss not being able to scroll >:( through the screens while conected to a computer. With the 62s all you see is a indicator that you are conected. As far as I am concerned, the 62s is a step backward for Garmin.
I am a Professional Forestry Consultant with 40 years experience. We use GPS to locate corners and lines. As far as establishing corners, I have had a Garmin 62S, a Magellan Mobile Mapper 6 and a Trimble  Geo XT together as a test of accuracy on an established survey corner. The known coordinate information was entered on the units and the result was not surprising, the Garmin 62s had the worst accuracy, the Magellan was better and finally the Trimble was the best. Not surprisingly, the price for the units vary upward with the accuracy. However, even with the Trimble, a single unit without a base station that has completely located its position down to the centimeter that  the handheld unit can  communicate with is not accurate enough for establishing corners. Also, in this state, you must be a licensed surveyor to do this.
We routinely use all of these units to find lines and corners to reestablish lines. A lot of times there is more out there in the field than many people will notice. Most land has been surveyed or had a line run through it in order to survey nearby land.  Putting posted signs around your property does not constitute establishing your lines.
We use Terrain Navigator to draw out the land parcels according to descriptions, download them to the units and proceed from there. However, drawing the parcels and transferring them to the units adds another level of error.
I recently created a custom map of the Winnfield West quadrangle in north central Louisiana and put it on my garmin 78s. I was very satisfied with the results, however, that is a lot of trouble for just 1 quad. I need to have at least 40 quads on a machine. Used G-raster with quad from terrain navigator.
I will answer my own post. I just received the Garmin 24K for the Southeast. You cannot see township, range and section lines on the topo. Does anyone know how to add them to the Garmin maps or other topo maps? I work in the Forestry business and we need this information. I have regular 24K topos on my Magellan Mobilemapper 6 running Windows Mobile 6. But, I also use the GPSMAP 78s and would like to have them on it.
Does Garmin's new 24k topo really show sections on the maps. I have seen no screenshots that show them.