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Thanks everyone for the input to my inital post. 

It appears we are discussing two separate issues. 

The first, as described in the initial post, is where the mapping data does not completely fill the map tile to the edge of the border.  In this situation, none of the map tiles overlay each other. 

The second issue brought up in a subsequent post is the situation where two map tiles overlay each other and an irregular boader for the state does not correspond with the edge of the tile.  A good example of this can been seen by building a map set with the AZ and NV Topos, then looking around the Lake Mead area.  The AZ topo overlays the NV topo, wiping out the mapping data for NV where the maps overlap. The NV side of the AZ topo map is blank because the mapping data ended at the AZ border defined by the Colorado River.   


What I concluded from reading these posts is there really isn't anything the end user can do about either of these situations.  This is something that would have to be changed by the author, assuming that is technically possible. 

I downloaded the Windows version of the New Mexico Topo last week along with the other four corner states, AZ, UT an CO plus NV.  

The installs into Mapsource went well and I created one mapset with these five states that I transferred to an SDHC card on a Nuvi 760 (firmware 4.9).

The problem is that about a 1/2 mile of mapping is missing from the NM topo along the AZ / NM border.  
I can also see a more narrow section of mapping data missing from the UT topo along the AZ / UT border.  

Here is a screen shot showing the four corners area.  Note the yellow blank area without mapping data along the west border of NM and the south border of UT.  


When I look at the NM topo in Mapsource (6.15.11), the mapping data is still missing.  I actually created the mapset a second time just to check if I may have missed selecting the segments along the border.  All were selected.

Is this something I can fix or is it just a characteristic of the maps?    

Thanks for your help.

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