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OK, clearly the South Rim of the GC is at 7,027 feet, not meters. Here's how I got here...

  • Downloaded and installed Mapsource 6.14.1
  • Downloaded the AZ 1:24000 maps from here.
  • Loaded it into Mapsource
  • Found track information on the web
  • Put the data into a tab delimited file
  • Converted it with into NewHance.XML file
  • Renamed the XML to GPX
  • Opened NewHance.GPX with Map Source
  • Looked at the profile...

The profile has the correct length in miles, but has meters and feet reversed on the altitude. If I switch my "preferences" for altitude from feet to meters, Mapsource converts the track and puts the start at 7027 m. with the rim at 2134 m. It lists the trailhead at 23,154' and the Colorado river at 8,622'

When I load it into Google Earth, the route is clamped to the ground.

What did I do wrong?
Did I load the AZ map incorrectly?
Am I using the wrong tools?
Should I bring Oxygen to breath until I descend a few miles on the trail?  ;)

I am mystified.

As an aside, and possibly connected, when I draw a new route or track, I can not get Mapsource to show a profile. I do not know if that is connected but it seems like an anomaly.

I am attaching both the TXT and the GPX files and the original data file I massaged to extract the track I wanted.