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You can download Google Earth and import it there, save as a KML.  If it is geo-refed perfect!  If not you can google how to geo-ref in Google Earth, it's very easy.
Is the PDF GeoReferenced?
Is the PDF in color?
I am stuck on Elevation: Combine All The Contours Together
I downloaded contours for Mississippi (24 tiles)
Tried to merge using FWTools, hit the 4gb limit.
   (Note: Currently FWTools will crash if the file gets over 4gb; if this occurs you must split your contours into two separate folders and combine each half of the state separately.  For reference: for Arizona the file was only 3gb.)
Did in two chunks, succeeded.
Tutorial unclean on how to  combine each half of the state separately.  Tried to do with both QGIS & ArcMap 10.5 by combining shapefiles.  Neither worked.  Then both programs started giving errors on drawing each half.  Size limit on shapefiles is 2gb?