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Boyd, thanks for the reply, I'm very new at this, I just mentioned the FL Topo because I had success with it...it had nothing to do with the other files I'm trying to get into the GPS.

Well, I've spent a lot of time messing about with this, and I've got it down to a reasonable sequence:
1) get a NOAA Chart from their website
2) run it through NOAA's Reprojector, saving it as a .TIF
3) use Paint Shop Pro (or equivalent) to crop it if necessary to 10,000 x 10,000 pixels or less
4) open GoogleEarth & add it as an image overlay, size and angle it there to match the underlying terrain, save as a .KMZ
5) use G-Raster to make that into a .KML
6) use BaseCamp to load it and send it to the GPS

However I've run into a problem: GoogleEarth seems to no longer want to load the entire .TIF file, it loads/shows about 1/3 of the map.  I am suspicious that this is an issue with file size because very small maps seem to work ok.  Furthermore, the first map I loaded was 8000 x 4600 approx, that one loaded fine but now I cannot get another to load that is near that size.

Is there another way to carry the position and orientation information over without using GoogleEarth?  Or perhaps is there some limit I don't know about on file size or dimensions?

Thanks, J.

I have been following instructions I've found, but most do not work.

I have downloaded some NOAA charts in .KAP format, and they work nicely in OpenCPN.
I have used NOAA's Reprojector to output them as both .TIF and .BMP, aligned them in GoogleEarth and saved them as .KMZ files, and moved them to the \Garmin\Custom Maps folder on my GPS, but that's where it ends...I never see the maps and they are not in the list to be enabled.

I have downloaded the FLtopo (which is a .EXE file), and that installed and works nicely on my GPS.

At this point instructions seem to get confusing and diverge...

One site says the .KMZ should simply be copied to the \Garmin\Custom Maps folder on the device...which I've tried, but see no results.

Another seems to indicate the BMaP2MP app should be next, but that seems to want only a .BMP file as input (according to how I understand the README_ENG.TXT file), and that file apparently should be made by OziExplorer

The maps I've created seem to load nicely in BaseCamp, and they display when I connect the 78s to the computer and click on the internal storage of the 78s.

...but so far nothing makes them show up on the GPS itself.

Can anyone give me advice?

Thanks, J

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