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Well, I am all set thanks to your timely and accurate information.  thank you so much.  In case anyone else new to this is reading this thread, here's what I did...

First I followed the Birdseye link you provided.  Though the reviews complained frequently on how slow the downloads were, I continued.  But when I registered my device, I registered it just as eTrex without linking up with a USB cable.  Garmin accepted the registration, however, it would not allow me to purchase the Birdseye product because I had no compatable device.

So then I used your other link to download G-Rastor or something like that and converted my topo from .tif to .kzm, but then my device would not accept it because it said it was too big.

So then I went back to Birdseye and stumbled upon a way to properly register my device and bought the $27 US product and downloaded a small segment of that (but big enough for much of my use this hunting season).  It did take quite a while and had some false starts and repairs, but eventually it all got loaded and I am thrilled to see the topo on my GPS!  Now I can see from my waypoints last weekend, exactly where I was and where I need to deviate to get to where I truly wanted to go.  Happy days!

Thanks again.

Actually, one more question if I may.  I've now found the area I truly want on WeoGeo... I have downloaded a USGS quad which is in either a .tif or .tfw format.  When I try to import it into BaseCamp, it doesn't recognize it.  Is there a way to convert this file into something that is viewed by BaseCamp... like .jpg?

Very cool!  Yes, I can see the topo that I imported when I zoom in.  It is a bit slow to load, but very clear and useful once it's there.  Now I'll go find a topo for the area I really want to be in. 

Thanks so much for your help! :)

oh, also, the only thing I wasn't able to do from your instructions was create a folder "custommaps" in the Garmin.  There didn't seem to be a way to do that.  But I was that the map was listed in the bottom under my waypoints so figured it was already in the GPS... and Map Setup did let me enable it.  But perhaps not putting it in the folder disrupted the process.

Wow, you really know what you're talking about.  Thank you!  I did as you said and the map is enabled in my eTrex 20.  But then when I scroll up to the area in the GPS map, I don't see any topos... no evidence of the map being present. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

I downloaded the Adirondack High Peaks file, which is a .kmz file.  I cannot open it from either Map Source or Base Camp.  The tutorial mentions a dropdown box listing maps in Map Source, but I see no drop down box.  Ultimately I want to see a topo map in my GPS so when I'm in the woods, it's not a blank screen with waypoints on it.  Any help is appreciated.

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