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I have a new MacBook Air (2020), and it only has two USB-C/Thunderbolt 3.0 ports. Therefore, an external card reader is really the only option available.

As for OS, it's Catalina (10.15.4).

Unrelated: I just noticed today that my 60CSx seems to either have been impacted by the GPS week issue, or it's being really fritzy, because the date is showing 11-OCT-00.  :o At least the position is correct!

So, it turns out that using MapInstall and connecting to the device (via USB-C to hub to USB cable to 60CSx) is the way to do it. The catch: it took about 40 HOURS to transfer the maps to the device. 239 maps, 389.6 MB onto a 1GB SD card--not at all anything I'd consider "huge."

If there's a way I can get MapInstall (Mac) "see" the SD card in the reader as a valid target, I think it'd make the transfer a LOT faster. If anyone gets that to work, please post here.

Thanks again, Boyd, for the help!

Thanks, Boyd. I was hoping you'd chime in!  8)

Yup, connected to the unit itself.

When I connect the MicroSD card to the computer directly (well, via a USB-C to MicroSD card reader), MapInstall doesn't "see" it. Is there any trick to the format or file structure on the MicroSD to make MapInstall "see" it when using a card reader?

I'm hoping to save off buying a new GPS, as I use it so rarely, and the 60CSx still does all I really need it to do (show a map, point north, etc.). Hopefully this isn't the straw that broke the camel's back!

MacOS Catalina (10.15.4), and MapInstall 4.3.3. My maps all show up in Basecamp, and in MapInstall I can get all the way up to the installation. But when it gets going, it starts out with five hours remaining, then continues to grow and grow (showing 38 hours 12 minutes right now). Any idea what's going on? I just want to load maps!

Thanks in advance!

General Discussion / Re: Hawaii Maps (Topo & Ibycus) Misaligned?
« on: March 14, 2010, 06:18:50 PM »
Just when I thought all was working nicely...

When I run Garmin MapInstaller (on my Mac), and I have the Hawaii Topo map installed, it gives me an error when I start MapInstaller that says something about an error has been detected.  You can report the error to Garmin, or ignore.  Either way, it then goes to the program, and you work through it until you get to the large map selection screen.  At that point, another error appears, saying "There is a problem with Hawaii Topo installation.  Please re-install Hawaii Topo and start MapInstall again."

I also have the Ibycus map installed on my computer.  When I have the Hawaii Topo map installed, it always causes the MapInstaller to crash, regardless of which map I'm selecting in the program.  If I remove the Hawaii Topo map, MapInstaller works fine, and the other maps have no problems.  This makes me think the problem is somewhere in the Hawaii Topo file.

Any suggestions?  I've already re-downloaded and re-installed the Hawaii Topo map a few times, but to no avail.  When I open Garmin BaseCamp, I can see all of the maps I have installed - including Hawaii Topo - and there are no issues noted.

Thanks for any help you may have!

General Discussion / Re: Hawaii Maps (Topo & Ibycus) Misaligned?
« on: March 14, 2010, 05:12:54 PM »
Awesome, that was a quick update!  Thanks a lot for fixing those problems.  It looks like my house is right where it should be now.  :)

Thanks, again, for all of the awesome - and FREE - work you do!  It's VERY appreciated!

General Discussion / Hawaii Maps (Topo & Ibycus) Misaligned?
« on: January 24, 2010, 06:45:24 PM »
First off, thanks a lot for all of this great, FREE map data!  What a great site!

I live on Oahu, Hawaii, and have downloaded and installed the Hawaii Topo maps and the Ibycus USA maps.  Both show all of the map data (roads, contours, everything) shifted approximately .36 miles south of where my GPS location fixes.  For instance, when sitting in my home, it gives me position X, but looking on the map (both in my GPS and in Base Camp), it plots me in a position approximately .36 miles due north of where I should be on the map.

I verified on Google Earth that the position on my GPS is accurate to what they show for where my house is.  It seems that the maps (Hawaii Topo and Ibycus USA) are off.

Has anyone else had a similar issue?  Does anyone have any recommended fixes?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks a lot!

Have a great day,

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