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Well heck... that's embarrassing!  Thank you :)

I have been reading any and all topics in this forum related to Garmin BaseCamp and Garmin etrex, but have not yet been able to figure out how to get the topo maps from my computer to the etrex. I downloaded the topo from gpsfiledepot.com and I can see the topo detail in BaseCamp when I unselect "base map only" under View, and select "MT Topo and National Forests" under Maps.

 The topo map is only under the Maps menu tab, and not shown in the Library under "My Collection", and so I can't figure out how to get the map onto my etrex. The entire map is only 508MB and I was planning to put the entire folder on the microSD.

 My intention was to purchase satellite imagery from Birdseye to layer with the topo map.... assuming I can ever figure out the topo map. I think I must be missing some mega key point about all of this!! Up until now, I've been using my iPhone but where I live there are a lot of geocache sites up in the mountains I would like to have fun searching for...and I need the etrex for that.

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