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Map Making Support / Re: Block Management Maps
December 19, 2011, 11:43:05 AM
At we had the Montana Block Management Areas on our MT map, but the MT fish, wildlife, and parks requested we remove it, so we obliged.

They are very resistant to giving out there data, we just developed the layer ourselves by looking at their paper maps. 

It wouldn't be too bad to make the boundaries of 1 Block that you are interested in.  Just georeference the FWP's pdf map in google earth and draw a track around the boundary to send to your GPS.

Good Luck
Here is the .nsi file that wasn't working on 64bit.  I have a version7 one after seeing your example file earlier here.  So I have fixed the img.idx and MDR.img, FYI
 ??? I actually never had a problem with any 64 bit Windows machines until I added this NSIS code for the 64 bit machines.

It seems like it won't work on Windows 7 64bit (MapSource or Basecamp don't even recognize the installed map product)

Any ideas as to why this would occur?

Dan, thanks!  Yes that .nsi file helps
I believe it is the Pro version
version 0100
Why don't you include the _MDR.img file in your NSIS installer (the .nsi example file in the Map Making Tutorials Part 9)

When I create a map using cpreview and cgpsmapper, CGPSmapper generates this _MDR.img file and includes it in the registry file
Any time you turn your GPS off and on, the GPS creates a new track log.

These could be from just turning your GPS on briefly in your house and can date back to the last time you purged your track log.

Yes, more details please.  Are you using MapSource or Basecamp.

You should be able to select 'Removable Disk' instead of 'Nuvi 500' when you are are selecting the device to transfer to just before you send the maps to your GPS.

Make sure you have the memory card in your GPS, or you can just use a card reader on your computer to send the maps directly to the SD card without hooking up your GPS.
Quote from: heckler on May 05, 2010, 03:36:48 AM
I assume that it will take all of the exe files found here. Is there any difference in that process to MapSource?

Any exe files from here that you have installed in MapSource will also be installed in BaseCamp, so yes, it will take the same exe files
Ruger, did you get this to work?
I just had a customer complain that installing Training Center, then installing Mapsource still didn't work.  Then I see two posts here about it not working and I'm thinking maybe Garmin made this not work with the newest version of MapSource.

I will test it tonight, has anybody had success getting the newest MapSource version for free?