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Oops...  new question.
MS is now open with just the base map info, trip and waypoint manager, that's all.
As I thought all my routes, waypoints, etc. are gone even though those data files are on my PC.

I tried loading my backup image file for the SD card using Toolkit but it can't see it in the folder for some reason.  It may be a name format problem?  If it could read it would it load it into MS with all the topos and routes?  Do I have to redo the topo installs back onto my C partition?
Toolkit worked.  That was easy.  Thanks again.

By the way, I just want you to know that I have your maps and appreciate all the hard work you do.

I know you run into folks who don't and I'm sorry about that.
Thanks so much...  will do.

At the time I was pretty green on all this stuff and thought the Ibycus was routable.
Now I'm into hiking and geocaching with a different system for the car, a new Outback with factory Nav.

Thanks again.
I downloaded IbycusUSA2.0 and several TOPO maps to load on my Garmin 60CSx via Mapsource.  All went smoothly and I have them loaded on the unit and a backup of my SD card IMG file on my PC.

Since all the downloaded data files were so big and bloating my C partition size, and since I had the backup of my SD card IMG file, I moved the TOPO and IbycusUSA files off my C partition to My Documents for future use, if required.

Now my Mapsource won't launch.  I get an error with my IbycusU2 installation and it asks me to reinstall it.

I think I understand that IbycusUSA2 is different from the TOPO maps, which are installer EXE files vs. just EXE files.  But since I've already downloaded everything, loaded it all on my GPS unit and backed up my SD card image I really don't want the large installer files on my C partition any more.

How can I get my Mapsource to launch again without reinstalling it and possibly losing my database elements, like tracks and waypoints, etc?


1) Junction is for moving folders of software or say Map sets that are already registered and seen by Basecamp.

2) Toolkit is for registering custom maps from 3rd party, like from this site or mappacks that you have made so that programs like Basecamp can see them.


Ok Ron just to be a little more clear.

1) Use Junction to move files that are installed through purchased software which does not allow you to install to another drive (like Garmin stuff). These will already registered and seen by Basecamp.

2) Use toolkit for custom maps made by you or others, say maps you download from this site to register them with programs like Basecamp.
OK, Here's Crew's response:

Hi Ron, Yes you are right in that I use toolkit for registering downloaded maps like the ones off this site and also to give me the option of moving individual sections of large .img map files and registering those seperately so as to save even more space. For example; I might have an img file that contains all of Canada but I only use the maps from Ontario so I will open the .img file in a program like"Ultra ISO" and extract the maps I use frequently to a seperate Folder and register only those maps for use. Anyway the site I sent you to has alot of info and it is a little intimidating but I only look for and use the info which allows me to do what I need to do at that moment and forget the rest. In regards to your question today. I use Junction when I am not given the option of relocating an install from the C: drive, like some of Garmins map packs. Also if I ever update the software or map pack it still shows up to the Garmin update as being intact and hence no problems. I try not to get to deep or technical about things in general and finding "Junction" and useing it accomplished the task of freeing up my C: drive by allowing me to move some maps to another drive and have the Garmin software to work as normal, problem solved.
OK, let's review the bidding on this problem cuz I'd really like to know how to do it...
Here's the link to the original discussion that got me started thinking:,1136.msg7273/topicseen.html#msg7273

I'd love to know for sure if MapSource would see the installed maps OK if I installed them to another partition in the first place...  I can't remember seeing that option, but wasn't really looking back then.

If I can just copy the maps to another drive, uninstall them from C and use Toolkit to re-map the registry location index that would be great!  But if it's that simple, why was Crew going through all the work with Junctions?

The question of backing up the img file seems to me to be one of computer time restoring it if it gets screwed.  Reinstalling in MS and resending took a lot of time if I remember right.

This is a great conversation for me - and for many other newbies I think...

I really appreciate your thoughts here...
Well, here's the problem...
When I download a topo map file from this site or any other, it comes in the form of an executable, which writes a large map file into my Program Files folder on my C drive.
My MapSource software can see the new map and I can load it onto my GPS unit.
If I'm careful and actually select ALL the map files I want to load onto my unit, the result is an updated gmapsupp.img file on the unit, actually on the SD card of the unit.  The unit can now read that file and display any of the topo maps I've loaded into it.
I have learned to "back up" this newly updated file on my computer in case I screw up and overwrite it with just a subset of the topo maps I've downloaded to my computer, or any one of a number of other ways.  (it's complicated... and painful).
Now comes the rub...  I've got all these pretty topo maps loaded on my GPS unit, and the updated gmapsupp.img file backed up on my computer.  But - I now have 12 GB of map files sitting in the Program File folder of my C drive, which bloats the partition and makes backup images LARGE.
So what's the problem with just deleting them?  I've got the maps in my GPS, right?  Right.
Except for one thing - two really.  I need to "uninstall" them, not delete them, so my MapSource software properly updates the registry.  And - if I do that, even with my big backup gmapsupp.img file tucked away, my MapSource can't display the map any more.  That's bad.
So... let's all learn junctions....
Junctions are a way of locating the topo files on another drive to reduce the C partition size for system backup images.  It may be tricky for me to use.

The Mobile PC question is different.  I was trying to help a friend load a routable map of Italy on his unit for a trip he was taking.

The key points to me are to uninstall the mapset vs. delete the file, and to then reinstall them if I want to update my gmapsupp.img file...  sigh. :'(

Maybe I'll study junctions some more.
Without trying to learn how to use junctions, can I delete the many Gigs of C drive topo map files since I've got a backup of my gmapsupp.img file?
Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Garmin Mobile PC GPS 20X
September 30, 2010, 01:31:16 PM
Can I load OSM maps into this software?

I'm used to using MS with my handheld unit, but this Mobile PC system seems so elementary I can't find any function to open an *IMG file I've downloaded from OSM.

Am I doomed to buy the Garmin disk and does it do the installation in a protected mode?

I'm leaving for Italy Saturday and sure would like to use my OSM file.

Thanks, Ron
Has anyone here ever thought about storing different versions of your Garmin SD folder on your hard drive to overwrite or recover an erroneous or deleted map file.
I just went through the hard learning process of overwriting mine from MS with a small map I thought I was adding to that file.
Seems like an easy thing to do that would take much less time than reloading the maps from MS.
Just askin'...
By Jove that did it!
They all show together now!
You are my hero!
Honestly, thanks for the help.  You guys here are just the best.
I appreciate it a lot.