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Wonder if anybody can recomend a program I can use for creating hiking routes for my Garmin etrex30. It could be nice if the program can use OSM maps or even better if it can use different kind of maps.
(www.geoplaner.com can do the job online but as far as I can see only based on Google- maps)

Best Regards
Lars - DK

Thanks Seldom! - I just had a look at the different menuitems. Didnt realize the double-click.....
Samos-greetings  ;)

GPSr Units / Re: Conditions influencing battery life
« on: June 08, 2012, 03:29:49 AM »
(Here comes the answer from the danish Garmin Support. My questions in blue)

Hi Lars, 

Thank you for your inquiry. 

1. If I increase the interval for recording coordinates to the maximum - will it have an  impact on battery life? Yes this will drain your batteries faster than normal. This happens because it must update your coordinates more often. 

2. If I use a raster-map in the form of a kmz file in the folder CustomMap instead of a vector-map - will it have any impact on battery life? No, this will not drain your batteries faster than normal. 

Could you in general send me some material about this issue - the user manual is (unfortunately also in this area) very sparse with information? This is unfortunately not a product where there is additional information besides the accompanying user manual. 

Sincerely / Best regards 
Jesper Olesen

General Discussion / Looking for a Track-analyzer ("Trip Computer")
« on: June 08, 2012, 03:19:14 AM »
Wonder if somebody know a program which can analyze a trackfile and give me the same informations as the TripComputer on my Etrex 30:
- Speed
- Max Speed
- Moving Time
- Moving Average
- Stopped Time
- Overall Average
Maybee also an elevation profile and a Trip Odometer.  :)

GPSr Units / Re: Conditions influencing battery life
« on: June 07, 2012, 12:26:40 PM »
If by 3/4 you mean 3 bars out of 4; this does not appear to mean 75%.
My OR300 with NiH batteries will have 4 bars until about only 10% of the total time remains (about 2 to 2-1/2 hours).

After all I think it was a pair of flat batteries I used. And since the amount of bars in the batteryicon obviously not reflects the amount of energy in percentage terms everything is explainable.
Nevertheless I would like to discuss which circumstances are influenzing battery lifetime. I've also asked the question in the Garmin support and if anything new comes up I'll come back to this thread. 

GPSr Units / Re: Conditions influencing battery life
« on: June 05, 2012, 09:10:19 PM »
I used Duracell and my battery setting are OK.
I guess the batteries I mentioned must have been more powerless than I expected. But what is funny though is that the battery icon showed 3/4 full.
In the future I will not trust this icon but be sure I have an extra set of fresh batteries in my bag.  :)

GPSr Units / Re: Conditions influencing battery life
« on: June 05, 2012, 12:33:24 PM »
I use Alkaline. Having GLONASS enabled.

GPSr Units / Conditions influencing battery life
« on: June 05, 2012, 07:08:43 AM »
Starting from an experience this very day I would like to ask a few questions. Today my batteries in my etrex30 died after 2 hours of walking. This morning I placed whati Thought was batteries onl y used a little and the battery icon (is shown when pressing the "light" button) showed 3/4 full. I use a kmz-file in the CustomMap folder in contrast to a vector-map. Also my Recording Interval was set to "Most Often" in contrast to "Normal".
So the questions are two:
1: Is it not possible to trust the battery icon when it tells you your batteries are 3/4 full?
2: Wonder what influences battery-life
- Recording Interval?
- Type of map (kmz more "battery-hungry" than vector maps?
- Other conditions?
Well I've learned one lesson today: NEVER, EVER go for hiking without two extra fresh batteries  ;)

I have compiled the map and the result was many different files named samos.img, samos.MDX, samos.mp, samos.reg and samos.TDB.
In fact I dont know how to import these in BaseCamp because trying to do that dont give one of the above file suffixes?

Lars, weren't you able to get your vector maps into BaseCamp?
I believe I did - Just tried to import my samos.img (which I use on my etrex) but this is not possible in BaseCamp. I'm sure there is another way around - just dont remember right now - the steep learning curve makes me miss some of the things along the way :-)

Thanks - that made the trick  :)

Yes, you can have gpx tracks in BaseCamp that is on top of the kmz.

How do you manage to show both kmz-map and gpx-track?
If I have the kmz-map in BaseCamp and choose a gpx-track I get the simple worldmap as my map background and the fine kmz-map disappears!

General Discussion / A few questions about showing gpx-track on maps
« on: June 04, 2012, 03:25:36 AM »
I have imported my kmz rastermap and I can show it in BaseCamp. I have a few question (numbered):

Wonder if it is possible to show a gpx-track on top of a kmz-rastermap in BaseCamp
Do you know any other program(s) wich can show my tracks ? I does not necessarily have to be on rastermaps.
Is it possible to show more than one track on a map? (My purpose is to see one/many tracks from a given area).
Also I am doubt about how to document my tracks with photos? The time on my etrex30 and my camera may differ one minute or so.

Greetings from Kokkari - Samos - Greece  :)

If the maps in the {CustomMaps} folder overlap there will be a kind of conflict? Will they both be shown?
If so I wonder if this problem could be solved by placing the two conflicting maps in a kind of {CustomMap} folder in the {Profiles} folder.? What I mean is that if each Profile on the GPS has a certain choice of settings - including maps disabled or enabled - then a change in profile might involve a change of maps?

{} = folder
files in red = map-files
questions in blue - numbered

The folders in my etrex30 looks like this.....


       {c} - css_files
      {j} - javascriptfil
      {m} - gif_files
      {pdf} - usermanual in different languages
                StartHere.html (choose language of manual)

   {GPX} - contains tracks
      SPOR-01-MAJ-12 211733.gpx
   {JPEG} - pictures
   {Profiles} - profiles


= basic map of the whole world used for generel orientation
= (1) garmin timezone file (I do not know exactly how this works?)
= AFAIK this file is a userfile placed on the microSD. I believe it can be composed of many different maps into on file. Lets assume that this file contains 4 different maps. Just an example.
(2) I wonder if somebody can explain how Garmin controls these maps in this single file?
(3) I know there is something called Family ID?
(4) And how can I as a user choose between the maps included in the gmapsupp.img file?
(5) Which utility program can I use to split my gmapsupp.img into the 4 maps and which program can add more maps into one gmapsupp.img file?

= a map I made by scanning a samos map. If this is saved in {CustomMaps } as shown above I am able to see it.
(6) Is it possible to have more mapfiles in the {CustomMaps} folder and will I be able to choose which one of these I want to be enabled?
I think I have seen somewhere that the user of a GPS unit can use Profiles to select different kind of maps. (7) If that is correct how is this done?

I'm sorry - it is an awfull lot of questions. But I also find that the user manual for eTrex30 is very limitid and in fact not as usefull as I had expected. it is hard to find an answer to all the questions that comes to my nerdy mind  :)

Best Regards

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