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Thanks guys!  This is for ATVing.   8)
Thanks!  I'll try it tonight.
I'd like to take this attached .gpx file and have an easier way to toggle the entire tracks, waypoint, etc information on/off at one time on my Oregon 450t.  Is this possible? 
OK, maybe I haven't been doing that.  Thanks!
Maps and tracks. I've never had any luck getting the GPS to read the micro SD card.
Quote from: Indrid Cold on February 21, 2013, 08:38:16 AM
either card or internal memory is fine

How do I get the GPS to read from the internal memory or card or does it do it automatically depending on where the tracks are stored?
Mapsource worked like a charm. THANKS!  I have no clue why BC wouldn't work. 

Can I install the map on the SC card and have the GPS automatically read from it or does the map have to be installed in the units internal memory?
If it matters, I also have a SDcard installed.
Quote from: Boyd on February 21, 2013, 07:22:00 AM
I don't see how you could be running Basecamp 4.4.1. since the newest version is only 4.1.1 ;)
I assume you have plenty of space available to install? I have never cared for Mapinstall myself and rarely use it so I can't really help.

But to troubleshoot, you might also try using Mapsource to install. You can download it here if you don't already have it, and it will see all the maps you've already installed in Basecamp.

Yep, should be 4.1.1.  According to BC, I'm only installing 780 MB and Windows shows I have 3.64 GB free on the 450t's internal memory.  Does this sound right?  Where does BC put the map on the 450t and what would be the name of the file?  I want to search for it after it attempts to install and see if it's on the 450t.
I'm running BaseCamp 4.1.1, Oregon 450t software 6.10, a Dell XPS Windows 7 64 bit laptop.  The 24k map shows up on BaseCamp, but when I right click & select Install Map on internal memory, it lets me a highlight a partial section of the southeast 24k map (I only want a part of it installed) and then goes through the install process. I've tried 4-5 times and it always gets stuck at 100% and doesn't advance to let me select "Finish".  The one time it did advance so I could click "Finish", it appeared to have completed the install.  However, when I checked my GPS under Setup>Map>Map Information Select Map, it did not have the 24k map installed.  What am I doing wrong?
I was wondering if anyone had some GPS maps of Mine Made ATV Trails in Knott County, KY?  I did a search in the Custom Maps section, but didn't see anything listed for Mine Made ATV Trails. 
GPSr Units / Re: KML map installed on Oregon 450t?
November 13, 2011, 06:30:11 PM
Quote from: eaparks on November 13, 2011, 06:15:59 PM
From looking at you error page.  You have the input as a .kml file but are trying to convert a .kmz file.

Should .kmz be listed on the list?  I didn't see it.
GPSr Units / Re: KML map installed on Oregon 450t?
November 13, 2011, 06:14:28 PM
Quote from: eaparks on November 13, 2011, 03:45:01 PM

edit:  There is another opiton for you to get the trails into a usable .kmz file.  That is fairly easy.  Open the original .kml file in GE and take a screen shot of the entire trail system and save it as a .jpg file.  Use what ever program you want to to crop the .jpg file as needed to have just the trails (you can do this with something as simple as MS Paint).  Reopen GE and ADD - Image Overaly (your newly saved .jpg file) and geo-reference it in GE; (Putting the .jpg trails on top of the .kml trails).  Save the geo-referenced file as a .kmz file.  Now this file can be copied and pasted to your GPS and it will give you map of all the trails including the satellite imagery for that area.  I checked the pixel size and file size using just a single .jpg and both will be ok.

Note:  I just did this in about 15 minutes and tested it on my Oregon 450, since the area in question is only about a 2-3 sq. mile area you are able to use just a single .jpg for all of the trails and the map will 1st appear on your GPS at zoom level 1.2 mi. and still have decent resolution down to zoom level of 500 ft., below that the resolution is poor. 

I did this just playing around not trying to Hi-Jack a map you might like to put on GPSFileDepot.  I'll be glad to send you the useable .kmz file, or upload it on here if you don't want to, or walk you through the process so you can upload it here; whatever you prefer.  Also note from what I was seeing their trails look to have a pretty high level of accuracy, this .kmz map I did was just quick and dirty so not as accurate but still accurate enough for ATV use.

Thanks!  I was able to get it uploaded to my 450 using this method.  Resolution below 500 FT is pretty poor like you said.  Is there anything I can do to improve that?
GPSr Units / Re: KML map installed on Oregon 450t?
November 13, 2011, 05:52:02 PM
I must be a dummy, but I can't get the file converted still  :(  I've installed GPSabel and on the input, I've picked out the file I want to convert in .kmz format and set the output as .gdb.  I get the following error message as shown in the pic.
GPSr Units / Re: KML map installed on Oregon 450t?
November 13, 2011, 02:44:50 PM
Quote from: Seldom on November 13, 2011, 07:44:34 AM
Quote from: mattn03 on November 12, 2011, 07:35:55 PM
I bet the one I have contains vector data.  Is there a way to check?

mattno3, did you read the tutorial?

Did you add a jpeg?  A jpeg is a raster graphic.

If you didn't create the KMZ by adding a jpeg (like it says in the tutorial) and you see lines and dots on no background but Google Earth, then it's a vector file.

Seldom, I did read the tutorial.  I see red lines overlaying the ground in Google Earth.  I did nothing more than download the file directly from's trail map page.