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Title: Idaho Topo Map
Post by: jlally on October 07, 2008, 10:58:23 AM
How is the development of the Idaho Topo going?  I do a lot of hiking in Idaho and I am really looking forward to this map.  Thank you
Title: Re: Idaho Topo Map
Post by: -Oz- on October 07, 2008, 06:49:34 PM
I am compiling it now; if I can't get another computer or two getting on it then it'll take a week.

8 one degree by half degree quads are completed already.
Title: Re: Idaho Topo Map
Post by: pgIdaho on October 17, 2008, 12:03:34 PM
WAAAHOOOOO!  Thank you Oz,  Thank you!  Looks Great! 

Title: Re: Idaho Topo Map
Post by: -Oz- on October 17, 2008, 01:57:10 PM
Glad you like it.

I uploaded it from work and when I get home I'll add the screenshots.  Glad it worked since I realized I hadn't actually tested it on my GPS unit :)

Also, this state took the longest to compile ever... one 100k segment took over 36hrs. 
Title: Re: Idaho Topo Map
Post by: pgIdaho on October 18, 2008, 10:26:31 AM
Ok so I have had a chance to play around with the map set for a bit now and it really looks great Oz.  You really put a lot of work into this and at the very least I really appreciate all of your hard work getting these maps and all of your others made and available to everybody.  Garmin should be soliciting you to come on board with them after your service to our country is over. 

 The only thing that I have noticed that may be confusing to some users(and I know that it came up in the discussion about your New Mexico map) is the trails. I saw in your description that you used data from the NW Trails Project and data from forest service sources. In some areas this created multiple trail tracks as of corse no one agrees on the exact locations of the trails. 

Here is a comparison screen shot of an area in the sawtooths as an example.
First from Idaho Topo
From Northwest Trails
And from National Geo ID
And finaly from the GPSr with both Idaho Topo and NW Tails Loaded

Comparing the National Geo and the NW Trails they look to be quite similar in overall location from TOPO Idaho in this particular area there appears to be 4 separate trail tracks. 2 of which seem to follow the same corse as the others products very closely through the switch backs on the hill side wile 2 others are very zig zagy approximations of the trail.

I know that in the discussion in the NM map listing on GC.Com your point was that many people are unable to comprehend using multiple maps in an export from Mapsource. To be fair Garmin dose not give a great deal of information out with any of there products as to all of the features, capabilities, etc.  You have done a great job with your tutorials explaining how to do everything  of this nature.  Not sure what the best compromise would be. I believe you should continue to put trails into your maps rather than leaving any relevant data out. But four sets of a trail can be a bit overwhelming.  In the northwest, with the NW Trails Project, the trails from them are hi-lighted in red making viewing and navigating very easy. I,m not asking you to change anything with ID just some food for though for Oregon. At 36 hours each (there is a lot of vertical here) making any adjustment would be a nightmare. 

Sorry for such a long post.  I hope Oregon goes smother for you than ID did (at least time wise). Thanks agin for this

Title: Re: Idaho Topo Map
Post by: jlally on October 19, 2008, 04:41:55 PM
I have an Oregon 400t. I have noticed problems with Lake Pend Oreille. Some of the lake area just south of Sandpoint is missing. I think that the ground cover is overriding the water. Please note: Some of the map data may be based upon maps which were created before the construction of Albeni Falls Dam. The dam was constructed around 50 years ago. Many shallow areas of the lake and the Pend Oreille River have been covered with water since the dam was constructed. Possibly the ground cover data was taken from maps which were pre Albeni Falls Dam.

I have noticed that if I turn off the ground cover on the Oregon, this problem goes away.

Title: Re: Idaho Topo Map
Post by: -Oz- on October 19, 2008, 06:24:49 PM
You're the second person to have this issue with land cover.  Someone with a Colorado was having it too.  I don't have an oregon or colorado but i'm gonna check it on my 60csx and see if there is an error with that unit as well.

Is the area thats missing green or just straight up missing? 

And Paul, you are definitely correct about the trails; I may just can the FS ones and go with the NW Trails since those are more accurate and someone over at groundspeak mentioned that the trails were verified.
Title: Re: Idaho Topo Map
Post by: jlally on October 20, 2008, 07:10:56 AM
The areas where the blue water is missing is covered by regular land color (white). This problem only shows up in the higher zoom levels.


Title: Re: Idaho Topo Map
Post by: monfort on October 22, 2008, 05:59:56 PM
Thanks Oz,

It looks great.  Of course, I was gone to Idaho--without 'net access--when it was published!.  Oh well, next time I visit my wife's inlaws.   :D