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Title: best colorado roads and trails maps
Post by: Rbkanco on June 21, 2013, 07:49:30 PM
Downloaded the recommended colorado trails map but it doesn't cover a lot of the state and doesn't have a LOT of forest/blm roads and few trails (ATV/JEEP)  Has anyone found a good topo/trails map?  The 100K "t" map has more trails listed.  Do I need to buy the 24K Colorado topo?
Title: Re: best colorado roads and trails maps
Post by: QuestionsGPS on June 26, 2013, 09:39:36 PM
You could possibly look into the "Above the Timber" map for Colorado.  I found a review on for the Garmin 24K Topo Southwest, from a guy who lives in Colorado.  He said he likes the Above the Timber better, because it shows BLM land and names of the national forest roads, while the Garmin 24K Southwest doesn't.  He said that's a big deal for him because he lives in Colorado. 

I debated between the Utah version of this and the Garmin 24K Southwest.  I finally went with the Garmin 24K, but only because I wanted the shaded relief and more states.  However, it appears unlike the Garmin 24K, Above the Timber has BLM, state lands, and labeled National Forest Service road numbers, I believe.  Also, looking at screen shots of what each looks like, the Above the Timber has better contrast visibility.

Guy from Colorado's review: (

Above the Timber map for Colorado: (

You can also download a free demo of Above the Timber to see what it's like.  To contrast it, there's also a demo of the Garmin 24K Southwest at (  Just zoom in to see the topo of a particular area of Colorado.