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Title: Garmin 3790T
Post by: Don Graham on May 04, 2013, 08:43:00 PM
Hello people, I just joined. I should point out that I live in Thailand. I am originally from the US. When I bought my Garmin. I made sure that a Thailand map was installed. I did the registration and update downloads. The map that was very stark. It only has the proveniences. That is like a county in the US. How many of you know the county name of a place you have never been? You do know the city you want to go to. I have to say that I am very disappointed with Garmin. Which claims to be the leader in the GPL field. I should mention that I paid $350.00 for the unit and got a map that is useless. I have looked on the internet for maps. A lot is free, but you have to be a geek to take advantage of the free maps. Do any of you know of a software that make this job easy. It does not need to be free, But I am not going to spend $3oo-500 bucks.
Title: Re: Garmin 3790T
Post by: Boyd on May 04, 2013, 09:00:47 PM
This is Garmin's map of your region. It indicates detailed coverage for many areas.


Is this the map that you purchased? If so, are you sure it is correctly installed and enabled? On the 3790, press Menu > Tools >Settings > MyMaps. You should see a listing for City Navigator Southeast Asia NT. Make sure the box next to it is checked in order to enable it.

If you don't see a listing for this map, then it has not been correctly installed or you may have purchased/installed the wrong map.

Title: Re: Garmin 3790T
Post by: Seldom on May 05, 2013, 07:54:38 AM
Sawahdee Krahp  :D  Not from Thailand at the moment, but been there.  You don't mention a lot of useful information in your post:
1) What format did you get your map in? DVD, Memory Card, or download?  If it was DVD, you could also install it on a computer, and view it in BaseCamp to verify what was there.
2) Are you in Thailand now?  If so, the GPSr should show your location on the map, unless you have just gotten off the plane, in which case it may take as much as half an hour to get its bearings.
3) This is primarily a site that deals with US maps.  You'll find a more international group here: 

You should also definitely talk to Garmin if you have a problem with one of their maps.
Title: Re: Garmin 3790T
Post by: Don Graham on May 13, 2013, 06:10:49 AM
Boyd, The Gagmin map and the travel map are installed and checked.  ;D

Seldom, Thanks for the link.   ;)