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Title: "Top US Topos" question
Post by: tato on April 18, 2011, 04:22:03 PM
New here and getting a feel for things.
Wondering about the "Top US Topos" column on the custom maps page.
The two states I want most, PA and MD, are not listed.  Does that mean their topos are of less quality?
I checked the description of a few of the listed states and they had a nice summary with pictures comparing to Garmin and another.  PA and MD don't have those comparisons.
Can I assume that they will not be better than the Garmin 100k my device came with?
Title: Re: "Top US Topos" question
Post by: maps4gps on April 18, 2011, 04:59:53 PM
No.  It means OZ has not had been able to update that page since those mapsets were uploaded.
He is on another deployment to the Middle East. 
When I first uploaded mapsets here (with OZ's concurence),  OZ made the installers, web descriptions and mapset comparisons for me.  I have sincel learned how to do the installers, but have not tried to upload a screen shoot and do not have the Garmin products to make comparison pictures.
What criteria do you use to define better?  They certainly are on par with what is usually called 24k quality and have some enhancements that other map authors are not including.  They will be much better than the 100k, as will most any topo on this site.
Title: Re: "Top US Topos" question
Post by: tato on April 22, 2011, 06:47:26 PM
maps4gps, just wanted to give you a quick thanks.  I've used either of the two maps listed in the op daily for a week now and they are great.  Looking forward to trying others when I travel.