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Title: massachusetts map questions
Post by: deercamp on February 03, 2009, 01:59:50 PM
 hello,  i have read that the maps on this site were much better than the garmin topo 2008 maps.
           i downloaded the topo map of mass the other day on the micro sd card that dan recommended
          and it went real easy.  when i took it out in the woods with me yesterday it was showing a grocery store (angelos) that is now stop & shop and has been for fifteen years minimum.  so unless i did something wrong this map is ancient and did not show to much topo info.   it also did not look anything like the screenshot they show you on the page before you download it.  is there a more recent map out there of mass 24k and maine 24k?  now that i have this on my card will it be possible to take it of and download something newer.   i am not to sure how that will work ?  if this matters or not i have a garmin rhino 530 hcx.   looking forward to see what is going on..  thanks
Title: Re: massachusetts map questions
Post by: -Oz- on February 03, 2009, 03:03:53 PM
The points of interest come from the USGS; it is possible they would be out of date like that.

Now, for topo info I'm not sure abuot that; that should work fine.  Did you see no rivers/contours?
Title: Re: massachusetts map questions
Post by: krellor on February 03, 2009, 03:08:02 PM
It looks like that map is made by so they may have a newer one available.  As far as the grocery store, to be honest, I'm surprised it shows stores at all.

As far as the map not showing much topo information, I don't really know what you mean.  It says it has 50ft intervals for the contour lines.  Does it not have that?

For the map not matching up with the screenshot, what it looks like will depend on the device/software that is displaying it, bu the underlying data should be the same.

For the SD card, just open it with a card reader and delete everything on it.

What is it you are using this map for?  Like I said, I'm really surprised that it has a grocery store on it at all, though I could see that being in the POI data somewhere.  Other than that though, the contours etc... should all be relatively accurate.
Title: Re: massachusetts map questions
Post by: maps4gps on February 04, 2009, 07:10:42 AM
Sounds like the map was produced for fishing and hunting purposes.  Maybe the grocery store sold licences.  Contours on the 100K maps are mostly 10m with some 20m in the Berkshires - so this is not a detailed topo map.  I believe the ME/NH mapset is being extended southward to include all of New England.  Marine - have not seen any of that; I would expect most would stay away from it as some boater would likely sue for damages if they hit something not on the map; and NOAA issues biweekly notices to mariners on hazards, etc. so it would be nearly impossible to keep current.
Title: Re: massachusetts map questions
Post by: -Oz- on February 04, 2009, 02:40:07 PM
the problem with marine data is that there isn't a lot available for free or easily.
Title: Re: massachusetts map questions
Post by: deercamp on February 04, 2009, 03:45:35 PM
i downloaded the map from this website.  i clicked on maps and then went under us topo maps and downloaded the one for massachusetts.  it is pretty flat in this area that i was and it did show a few ponds and rivers but not really and wetland areas like my buddies etrex gps that has the garmin 2007 topo downloaded on to his.  my map also showed streets which i liked but didn't think that many topo maps showed streets?  i am probably wrong.  i am very thankful for getting this map for free i guess i was just expecting more.  everyone says how these maps are better than garmins topo 2008 maps but
 i just find it hard to believe that garmins 2008 topo maps are not better than the map i have.  well if anyone knows if they are coming  out with something new for mass and maine a 24k map please let me know .  thanks for everyones help.... ;D

Title: Re: massachusetts map questions
Post by: -Oz- on February 04, 2009, 05:18:56 PM
That is weird that it didn't even show streets.  Can you give me the coordinates to where you were and I can check into it?
Title: Re: massachusetts map questions
Post by: krellor on February 04, 2009, 06:35:30 PM
One possible thing to keep in mind is that the preview map that you see in Mapsource might not include everything that is on the map.  For the Washington State map my preview map doesn't include intermediate contour lines, power lines, etc... so as to make the file smaller, but includes all of that data once it has been uploaded to the GPS unit.  Is the data missing on the GPS, or have you just looked at it in Mapsource?  Also, if on the GPS unit, how far did you zoom in?  Certain data layers only appear at certain zoom levels.  Hope this helps.
Title: Re: massachusetts map questions
Post by: savage on February 05, 2009, 06:55:11 PM
Make sure you have the right zoom setting to see what you want. It does include street name. I know the street in my neighborhood are on it.

Anyway there is now a more recent one at: