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GPSMAP 67 - map install

Started by Spartan301, March 22, 2024, 08:42:53 PM

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My trusty 62csx finally died and I picked up a 67. I'm having no luck installing 3rd party apps on this unit.  Has anyone been able to figure it out. I've been trying to get Arizona Topo and USGS quad sheets onto the unit using basecamp and directly to the sd card, but the unit doesn't see them and or I'm a fool.

Thank you for your help.


I don't know anything about the GPSMap67 and gave up on Garmin awhile ago. Hard to believe that it wouldn't work with standard Garmin maps, but anything is possible with Garmin anymore. This post claims they do not work

"All other unofficially unlocked Garmin maps that can be found on the internet will apparently not work due to new protections implemented by Garmin. These cannot be patched at the time of writing because the firmware is encrypted."

But other posts in the thread suggest that it is possible. Have you tried directly copying the .img file from another GPS (as opposed to sending a map using MapInstall)?


Thanks Boyd,
I'll look into that thread. Overall the unit is good, there is just some additional information on those older maps that I would like to have with me in the field. USGS maps show some old mines and prospects that don't show up on newer maps.
I'm also not opposed to berating garmin support until i get batter answers.


Out of curiosity have you tried using a different, fat32 formatted card with the Garmin>Maps folder setup

I'm curious if this  Hawaii the "Windows" version if you copy the .img to the Garmin/Maps folder, copy directly if you can and it is small.  I "created" my maps to be as universal as possible.

As far as USGS maps, Orux (Android only) will display geopdf's that you can get from the usfs and usgs national map, and maybe a few other places.

I'm fairly new, the past 4-5 years, to map making.  There are a fair amount of downloads, so reported problems have usually been solved.  I'm curious to how this turns out


Garmin is pushing a subscription to something called "Maps Plus" for this device. They claim it includes scans of the classic USGS topo maps (and lots of other stuff).

You might want to ask at that other site I linked to above. Unfortunately, things are pretty dead around here anymore (except for the endless spammers I ban every day  ;D  )

Not sure if you will get any help from Garmin, in the past they have just blown off any questions about third party maps. But do let us know if you find an answer.


Have you tried a smaller (<=32GB) card?


Well, I have a report on getting "arizona topo" onto the unit, garmin support via chat was actually very good. The rep actually went to the site and downloaded and installed the map onto his unit.  I got it to work on mine (on the unit itself) by installing through basecamp.  here are the steps.

  • Power device on and make sure its on the MAP screen showing your current location
  • Press the MENU button once and select MAP LAYERS
  • Make sure the TOPOACTIVE is DISABLED
  • After that back out to the map screen again
  • Press the MENU button twice to get into the main menu
  • Select SETUP
  • Select MAP
  • Select MANAGE MAPS
  • Make sure the ARIZONA TOPO is ENABLED
  • Now you can use the QUIT button to get back to the map and should be ready to go.

It doesn't seem to see it on my sd card, but i just ordered a 16gb card per jolly47roger's advice and i'm also going to test partitioning my 32gb card to make it slightly smaller.  I'll follow up when that is done.

Thank you to all who tried to help.


Sounds like it actually works about the same as other devices and the issue was your memory card. Surprised that Garmin was so helpful, but it's great that they were.

Thanks for following up!