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NUVI 2599

Started by mllinne06, December 12, 2023, 09:42:47 PM

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Is there a way to remove all user data from the unit. I have tried, and then on installing a new set of data from a folder in the base camp, I get an entire set of old data. What am I doing wrong? I have reset the data and looked at the maps and can not find any traces of user data, before loading the desired data from the desired folder.


By "user data" I assume you mean tracks, routes and waypoints? Been awhile since I used a Nuvi, but IIRC this is the result of a file named Current.gpx that the Nuvi automatically creates. Again, this is just from memory, so I may be getting something wrong...

Whenever the Nuvi starts up, it dumps all your user data into a file named Current.gpx. If that file doesn't exist, it creates it. So, the problem is, you can delete all your user data but that won't remove this file. And the Nuvi automatically imports any data it finds in gpx files when it starts. So, it will just re-import all your deleted data from the old Current.gpx file.

Try this - delete all your data the usual way on the Nuvi, then plug it into your computer before doing anything else. Now find the Current.gpx file (it *may* be in a folder named GPX - don't remember). Now disconnect the Nuvi and restart it. Since the Current.gpx file is now gone, the Nuvi should not re-import anything.


Oh yeah, one other thing I remembered. If you used Basecamp or another program to transfer routes/waypoints/etc that may have left additional .gpx files on the Nuvi (look for a file named Temp.gpx). What you really need to do is delete ALL .gpx files from the Nuvi while it's connected to your computer.

When the Nuvi starts, it looks for any .gpx files, regardless of name. It then compares the data in the file(s) to your user data and will add data from the file if it doesn't already exist on the device.

So, be sure there aren't any files with .gpx extensions remaining on the Nuvi while it's connected to your computer.