BASECAMP won't start after using cgpsmapper HELP!

Started by CLewis, August 29, 2023, 08:18:49 AM

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I used cgpsmapper and followed the instructions on this website, but now when I open Basecamp it says that map was not installed properly, re-install and try again. I assume the family ID is not compatible. This occurs even after uninstallilng and re-installing Basecamp. I tried to uninstall that mapset using mapsettoolkit, and it says it cannot be uninstalled. So I'm completely stuck! How do I uninstall that mapset so I can use basecamp again?


Problem resolved. I needed to right click on mapsettoolkit and "run as administrator". Then I'm able to uninstall the problem file within the mapsettoolkit program. Basecamp now opens. I still don't know why I can't use that file, and I'm about to give up on finding a downloadable file for Washington state that works. Unless someone wants to recommend one that is trouble-free?



"I'm about to give up on finding a downloadable file for Washington state that works"

Essentially cgpsmapper was for creating maps and mapsettoolkit to put on your gpsunit. So they probably won't help at all.

You can head over to one of my maps, which is current at Washington is there along with Oregon, California and Nevada.  Several of the Washington maps here are individual and others part of the region, some are really old an/or dead links.  You can also head over to and maybe find what you are looking for.  At one time or another I've looked at most every map here and their.  I have some bias on my maps but you have some options.