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Help to install map in Basecamp

Started by mwhitman, November 21, 2022, 02:56:51 PM

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I have not been able to install the CanadaCentralProvinces maps that I downloaded from this site into Basecamp. The download was a single IMG file, without any installer. I can copy to the SD card in my GPS and it works fine. I can also see that map in Basecamp when the GPS is attached to my PC. But I haven't been able to actually install the map in Basecamp, so I can use it without conncecting the GPS to the PC.

I have a Windows computer. Today I tried following the tutorial here, which says to use Mapset Toolkit and cGPSmapper. It appeared to run to conclusion, but then Basecamp refused to open. So I used another utility to remove the map from Basecamp, and now Basecamp opens fine like it did before I tried. But I still haven't installed the Central Provinces map.

Thanks in advance for any help.


.img files are "containers" and the contents can be very different. What you have is (apparently) a map file to be used directly on a GPS. This is not the same kind of .img file that you can install in Basecamp. Mapset Toolkit and cgpsmapper cannot do what you want with that file. The map author would need to provide you the correct kind of installable files to actually accomplish what you want.

Alternately, you could copy the map file(s) to USB flash drive and put them in a folder named Garmin. Basecamp would treat that just like a GPS and read the map.

Only other solution I know is a "virtual device", which is directly supported on the Mac but unfortunately not on Windows. See the following discussion of ways to do the same kind of thing on Windows with third party apps


It looks like you downloaded one of my maps 8)  What you have done works, with the .img file as you have done it.  Forget cgpsmapper and mapset toolkit in this case.  What I have done, and other map makers have done is offer maps in the gmapi format which works with Mac and Windows.  You don't actually install it, what you do is:
Download the MAC version of the map, CA-CentralProvTopo, extract with your favorite zip extractor, and you should have are 2 folder, one topo and one routeable, that ends in gmapi.  Click on the one you want until you get to CA-CentralProvxxxx.gmap (if you see Product1, etc you've gone one too far).  Copy this to  C:/ProgramData/Garmin/Maps (you may have to unhide folder and create those sub folders).  You should now be able to open Basecamp (or even Mapsource) and the map will be in the drop down of available maps.

Let us know how it goes!


If you want to save space on your system disk, it is sufficient to copy a Shortcut to the GMAP folder instead of the folder itself.

Sometimes (for me, at least) Basecamp does not see the map in Program Data but does see it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\BaseCamp\Maps\


I've been away for the holidays. Now that I'm back, I tried Sockmonkey's procedure. I am happy to report that it worked perfectly.

Thanks to everyone for your help. And thanks for the maps too.


 :)  Happy to hear you were successful!!