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Author Topic: New Maps for Canada, US and Mexico  (Read 17714 times)


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Re: New Maps for Canada, US and Mexico
« Reply #45 on: June 28, 2022, 12:36:46 PM »
I don't want to sound insulting but will assume we're starting from scratch as it's come up on this thread, pm and other posts on the forums since day one.  In the case of my maps it's more insert that install

-Download the windows version from the link below.  When unzipped, you should have a file name CA-TerritoriesTopo.img
-Get a micro sd card, 16 or 32gb should be fine
-format card in fat 32
-Create folder on card and name it "Garmin" without quotes
-Copy CA-TerritoriesTopo.img to the Garmin folder on the sd
-May need to power cycle, go to maps setting to enable

The longer way
-go to link and download the mac version, extract and open until you're at CA-TerritoriesTopo.gmap
-install garmin basecamp, if mac I think you also need a map install program as well
-In windows, go to C\ProgramData\Garmin\Maps(may need to show hidden) if not present create a folder Garmin and within that create a folder Maps
-copy CA-TerritoriesTopo.gmap into the Maps folder, open basecamp and it should be in the drop down for maps, from there you can plug the gps in to your computer and send the maps to gps

I believe for mac, extract, click on gmapi and it will "install" or place where it needs to go

Let us know how it goes,  out of curiosity what is the something for the Yukon